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I was born in June 4, 1988, I'm a very good video editor, a kid at heart and a very find healthy person, my hobbies are Video games, Cartoons, Game Shows, Exercise and then we had to make this more interesting as way it could feel like it, of course I graduated from Wilson High School back in 2008 and I seem to enjoy my life the way so we could feel make this more responsible and my goal is if I raised up to 1,000 stories I would make everybody happy.

My other hobbies are Age Regression/Age Progression and animal transformations, and I like to drink Icy Iced Tea, Water a and my favorite foods are Tomatoes, Cereals such as Raisin Bran and Lucky Charms and as you already know that some day I'll get to be on a game show and who knows? Maybe you'll get to see me on TV.


If you don't me, I done 6 Age Regression/Progression stories of Rugrats/All Grown Up, and I Believe that you get to see that you're going to make sure as they get to see that they had to possibly as they had to show that we're going to give you a big preview of my 2nd series stories, and I already add a Summer-Time special of the Cartoon X-overs story in there so here we are with these of other stories.

El Tigre: El Babe

Description: After facing with a villain, Manny and his dad Rodolfo gets effect by her ray gun as they get younger as possible and they had to be that they had to possibly as they get to build up as they get to see that Manny's reduced into a baby and Rodolfo gets reduced into a young man, I mean younger, but how young can he get? We'll find out!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1988: Hare In My Soup

Description: Based on that short that never got made, Roger got a job to work in a fancy restaurant as he might had to work hard or he'll be in the soup,

Cartoon X-Overs and OK KO! Let's Be Heroes Crossover: OK KO, Let's get to Work

17-year-old Bart Simpson and his friends ends up in Lakewood Turbo Plaza after having the bus broken down so they turn over to Lakewood Turbo Plaza for help as they get to see as they might had to work hard as they get to see as they get to do so.

Cartoon X-Overs Fanfiction: The Fountain Of Youth Quest

In this sequel after "Viva Via Cartoons", 17 Y.O. Bart Simpson as been requested to get his friends who's for searching for the legendary fountain of youth, But there was going to be a mysterious villain who's going to be getting there first, but it'll could be when the so-called enemy of the Kids-Next-Door, the Toiletnaitor who wants to join in and ruin the fun.

Everybody Loves Raymond x Looney Tunes: The Daffy Duck Sells Duck Chronicles: Balding Over

Frank was worrying because he was bald, that is until that Daffy gets to see that he sells that hair growth formula and wigs as he gets to cover up that balding head of his. [Post Season 3]

Rugats/All Grown Up: Rugrats 1957

It seems that we know about Tommy and the others are babies as well as Angelica and Suzie as 3 Y.O.s, but what be more existing to see their parents as themselves as they get to see their parents get entered into an alternative year known as 1957 as the grownups are the grown DOWNS as they get to see it!

The Simpsons: Homer The Billionaire

After Homer quit his job, Homer gets to win $1.7 Billion in a lottery ticket as he gets to be rich and famous, but his family didn't like it one bit.

Rugrats/All Grown Up: Regarding Stuie 2: Stuie Baby

Sequel to the original episode "Regarding Stuie", Stu gets attacked by the Quack-O-Matic once again, only this time that he was physically turn back into an baby, but retain the mind of an adult as they get to see that he was going to play with the other Rugrats.

Johnny Test: The Incredible Shrinking Hugh and Lila

2nd Age Regression story! It seems that Hugh and Lila are going to be experimented for a change, and they seem that they could make it as they get to see that they're growing younger as they get to see that they get to younger as they get to possible as they had to work hard about it.

The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey See Doggie Do Alterative Version

You know about the 1998 series episode "Monkey See Doggie Do", but you don't know the alternative version as the girls gets turn into dogs first and then along with the rest of Townsville and then the world if it's going to be a Dog-Eat-Dog one!

Friends: Monica's Experiment

During Season 2, Monica's working on an experiment that she was simply that she's working on, but what Ross didn't get to know that he need to figure it out of what she's working on, we'll get to see if there's going to be quite interesting to figure this mystery out.

And there are new Categories to take care of:

  1. Cooking
  2. Magic/Illusions
  3. Contests
  4. Art

And so, that's my 2nd series preview but it ain't much but Hey, at least that 2nd series will build up 59 more stories combined with my Cartoon X-Over Summertime Special and I might get to be build up to the 100th story!

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