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I have something to say. No, it's not that I lied or anything. It's that I might leave this site. I have no idea how to delete this account, though. As I realized that my imaginative ideas might shift into a magnificent story someday, I decided that the site wouldn't be an ideal place to start. Here and there online on this site, I learned a few lessons and I got to know myself on a slightly deeper level. If you're reading this right now, don't blame me. Someone once said that there was a time to stay and a time to leave. I had been on this site for about four years - from the beginning of my freshman years to graduating high school.

I decided that I wanted to write as a profession, not just a form of escapism or a sort of hobby. In real life, someone might really love my future stories. If you wanted to see the in-progress stories continue, you might be granted permission to continue them... if you want to, like I said earlier. This message was hard to say, as it was like saying farewell to my old friends. Right now, I'm working on an actual book and I wouldn't want to be distracted by this website.

There were good memories on this site and there were also bad memories. What really made me want to leave was the fact that I wanted to be a professional author someday. I might never come back, but I would happily remember some of my good fanfics. Farewell to you all. I wish you happiness and luck.


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