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Oh I am Slain PM
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Rarely on FFN nowadays. I'm much more responsive over on the Sufficient Velocity forums.

There's a userscript for making text highlight-able again on this website, needs Greasemonkey (on Firefox) or Tampermonkey (on Chrome) installed first.
Search for "Fanfiction, make text selectable again".

I'm completely new to creative writing. But recently I've been really getting a kick out of the Writing Excuses podcast, so I might upload story posts to FFN from Sufficient Velocity quests I've run, in hopes of obtaining marginally more feedback.

On a related note, I highly recommend the Writing Excuses podcast for any novices like me. It's hosted by several Hugo Award nominees and winners with great hosting chemistry. The podcast itself has won a Hugo Award too. To get started, try listening through their Season 10--it walks writers through a story-crafting process from start to finish.

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