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I am female,19


and i hoping to start writeing some fanfiction I've got sooooo many ideas but I just need the nerve lol but if and when is my choice for now I will enjoy reading.

i love anime and fanfiction i mostly just watch english dubbed a little sub but not a lot. some old classics soon newer anime include

- inuyasha

- ghost hunt

- avatar the last airbender

- bleach

- fairy tail

- monster ranchers

- Pokemon

- Sailor moon

- Shinzo

- Ranma 1/2

- One piece

- Cardcaptores

- Nadai the sercet of blue water

i also love things like

- Soccer

- Swimming

- Animals

- Nature

- Cooking

- Japanese cultures

- World cultures

- traveling

- books


- camping

fav fanfictionis GHOST HUNT

for tv entertaiment i love crime solving shows like - Ncis La

- Castle

- Bones

And others like

- American restoration

- American pickers

- Pitbulls and Parolees

- Storage wars

- Sercet millionaire

- border security canada's front line

things that piss me off are as following

- writers that stop writing right after cliff-hanger and ether stop writing or take to Long long time to update.

- Corrupt people ( army's,governments,politicians,cops,lawyers,rich,CEOs,ect..

- Evil people ( killers,gangs,robbers,rapeists,all terrorist, ect..

- People who purposely and recklessly pollute the earth without care.

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