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You know your addicted to NCIS when...

1) You've yelled hysterically at anyone who bothers you on Tuesday nights, episode premiere night

2) You've used two or more "Ziva-isms"

3) You've begun to use marine phrases

4) You repeat Rule 23 to anyone who touches your coffee.

5) You are desperately searching for Caf-Pow!

6) You've accidentally tried to use your TV as an MTAC screen

7) You find yourself absentmindedly humming the theme song

8) You're up at four in the morning reading NCIS fanfics

9) You find yourself Gibbs Headslapping people (and yourself)

10) You've tried to watch the movies that Tony talks about.

11) Your dog goes missing and you say "Put out a BOLO."

12) You've never, ever, EVER broken rule 12.

13) You ALWAYS break rule 12. :)

14) You've threatened to kill someone with a paperclip

15) You were hysterically screaming "NO!" at the top of your lungs during ep "A Desperate Man" at the TV screen when Ray proposed to Ziva. (LOL!Totally!)

16) You use McNicknames on people

17) You've caught yourself daydreaming about running alongside Tony and Ziva, yelling "NCIS! Drop your weapon!!"

18) Your video game username is "Elf Lord"

19) You've tried making your hair like Ziva's (and, like me have failed drastically)

20) You find yourself singing the song the Tony sings in 'Driven' randomly or when the episode comes on. And, you laugh hysterically when he does. (I can't help it-that part is so funny)!

21) You use or have been using the phonetic alphabet for years.

22) You repeat Gibbs' rules like they're commandments.

23) You add things to this list.

24) You copy and paste this into your profile.

Also I love to play softball

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