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Hi to whoever is looking at my profile :)

If you want to know something about me:

I am a huge DC-fan. I've watched the first run of it on German TV - I think that was... 2002 and didn't miss a single episode. But then the airtime collided with my working-time, and I had to stop watching (around the end of Season 3).

2012 I stumbled over the show again, as another TV-channel broadcasted it in the late evening - and was addicted to it immediately for the second time.

Since then I've watched all German episodes again, followed by the Japanese ones and all available manga chapters, the movies, other extra stuff and of course Magic Kaito :D So, now I am up to speed, and because I can't get enough of the story and the lovely characters, I've started to read fanfiction.

At some point, I decided to take a chance and try to write a story myself. The results can be found below.

My Avatar is made by me - though I think I took some APTX4869 because the girl looks like she's twelve or something *g*

Favorite characters: Kudou Shinichi, Amuro Touru, Kuroba Kaito, Haibara Ai, Hattori Heiji, Vermouth, Kudou Yukiko.

Maybe I should mention that though I only write ShinXRan, I‘m not exclusively a shipper of that pair. I also love KaiXShin, for example, and I don’t have anything against a good ShinXShi story (though I draw the line at ConXAi when it gets too... explicit).

I also like other shows and/or read the manga, like Akatsuki no Yona, Bleach, Bungou Stray Dogs, Chihaya Furu, Noragami, oh my... there are so many I can't possibly name them all XD. But my newest addiction is Voltron - Legendary Defender. Who knows - maybe I'll give writing for that fandom a shot since the DC fandom has grown quiet over the last few years.

So, that's enough for the moment - If you have questions, just pm me.


"I am still every age that I have been"..."Far too many people misunderstand what *putting away childish
things* means"..."If this is what it means to be a grown-up, then I don't ever want to be one."
- Madeleine L'Engle

True! Celebrate your inner child! :-D

You can't buy happiness. But you can buy ice cream - and that's kind of the same thing.


Stories in the 'Scars'-Series:


Guns and Gems


A detective went into a bank...

The Red Room Murders

What makes life worth living


UPDATE 23.06.2020: Yeah! Over a year since my last story but I finally got to revise my Nanowrimo project from last year. From now on, I will upload a new chapter every Tuesday for the story 'Red to the core'.

UPDATE 01.05.2019: Today begins the upload for my Camp NaNoWriMo project.
A collection of Whump!One-Shots. ‘May I Whump You?‘

UPDATE 28.11.2018: I cracked the 50K words for NaNoWriMo yesterday!! Yeay!! The story is almost done, so stay tuned. It will take some time to revise it, though. Typos to catch, grammar issues to iron out, plot holes to fill, you know the drill...

UPDATE 06.11.2018: I'm going to take a shot at NaNoWriMo this year, so hopefully, by the end of the month, I'll have a new story ready for you. It will, for once, not be a continuation of my Scars-Series but something completely different. So far, I'm okay with my word count, and I hope it will stay that way XD

UPDATE 27.07.2018: New story 'What makes life worth living’ is starting today!!

UPDATE 12.10.2017: Whoop, whoop! Just the epilogue and then 'Guns and Gems' is officially done! It weighed on my mind for so long that the story wasn’t finished, so I’m relieved that I did it in the end.

UPDATE 16.07.2017: Alive and kicking! Just wanted to let you know that 'Guns and Gems' is not dead yet!! Actually, I'm trying to get back into writing this story, and I hope I can pull through this time.

UPDATE 18.09.2015: Uh, hi? *scratches head sheepishly* As you can see, I didn't get to write anything for almost a year now. Here comes the reason why: I got a baby girl this May, and she needs all my attention. She is so cute, but I have no free time at all. I hoped to finish 'Guns and Gems' before her birth, but my pregnancy got complicated in the last four months, and I didn't get anything done.

"Yes," you could say, "but what about the months before?" Well, I blame the hormones. It is impossible to write a suspenseful scene in that state. It's like "Dark, shadowy persons. Cold metal biting in his... Uh, did I buy enough diapers?" Not. Helpful.

Anyway, if I ever get some time for myself again, I will work on the story. Or sleep. Sleep is something wonderful - I miss it T_T

Story: Red to the core (Nanowrimo project 2019)

Current working process: weekly chapter upload

0% = Have a basic idea but no time to write down anything.

10 - 20 % = Plotting

30 - 80 % = writing process

80 - 99 % = rereading, correcting, adding ...

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