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Age: 20

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Fandoms I read from: Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Legend of Zelda, Kim Possible

About me: I'm primarily a Danny Phantom fan, but I've favorited a lot more Teen Titans stories because for some reason they have higher quality stories over there. I've read all the Danny Phantom stories in the archive that were completed and over a thousand words that didn't appear outright stupid in the description. The same goes for the Teen Titans archive, but only with BB/Rae stories. Currently I'm reading through the Legend of Zelda archive, which mostly sucks but it has a few gems here and there that make it worth sifting through the rubble.

I probably know more about Danny Phantom than 99% of the fans. No I'm not exaggerating. Below are some facts about Danny Phantom that most authors tend to ignore, which I'm mentioning because it severely irritates me when I read dumb stuff like Danny has to be stitched up after ghost fights. It makes me wonder if authors base their stories off of the cartoon, or just off of other stories in the archive.

Fact #1: Danny is practically invulnerable to most attacks. Remember when Youngblood cut him in half with a sword, but it just passed through Danny WITHOUT him even going intangible?

Remember Danny's first encounter with Valerie in her ghost hunting gear? And how surprised he was when Valerie's razor disc actually cut him? The fact that he was surprised shows that mundane weapons don't usually affect him. Obviously Valerie's blade hurt because it was coated in some anti-ghost stuff or something.

Remember the time Vlad ripped out Danny's ghost half in TUE, leaving it with massive gashes in his chest that healed over in like one second?

There was also that one time when Freakshow turned him into goo and splattered him everywhere with a FREAKING ROLLER COASTER but Danny simply pulled himself back together and reformed. So really, Danny can only be hurt by anti-ghost weapons and ghost based attacks (ecto-rays, ecto-electricity, etc.).

Fact #2: Danny has super strength, which is one of his more often used powers, so it's surprising how forgotten it is.

I mean, he lifted a whole school bus without even looking like he was trying particularly hard. He also lifted his whole class inside a giant tank of fluid. He once kicked Vlad hard enough to send him flying through several floors when they fought in City Hall.

Fact #3: Danny sometimes kills his enemies

For some reason in every fic I've read, Danny either doesn't kill because of some "promise" he never actually made, or else when he does kill, it's because he has turned evil in that fic. But this simply is not the case. Danny hasn't hesitated to destroy ghosts in the past.

He tried (and barely failed) to blow up Undergrowth.

He thought he had killed Nocturne when he froze and shattered him, and he destroyed countless sleepwalkers even before he learned they weren't true ghosts.

He literally tried to cut off Vlad's head with an axe, and one time he completely vaporized a clone of himself (along with half of a mini-golf course).

And he has never exhibited an ounce of regret over his actions. Does it make him evil murderer? No. He simply is willing to do whatever it takes. It's just like when Luke Skywalker kills stormtroopers or when Link slays monsters. Killing is just necessary sometimes. No need to make a huge deal about it.

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