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Name: Alexander

Age: Old enough to sometimes know better, young enough to oops... :)

Sex: Still looking for the silver- (or pink? :D ) haired vampiress of my dreams :)

Hobbies: Doing anything that catches my interest!

So far I've done a wide range of fun stuff, from learning to pilot an ultra-light plane (wooot!) to trying my hand at wind surfing (sooo don't have talent for this.. but fun if I do it in a bathtub-like lake or wave-less sea =), sailing, water skiing (aha!, something I'm worse at than wind surfing, heh), downhill skiing (I think skiis don't like me... but I'm better on snow than on water that's for sure) , dating and falling in love with the wrong girls (I'm excellent at this!), nature (forests lakes and mountains in particular) and buncha other stuff I've tried but this is getting too long and nobody cares, but it seems to be tradition or something, heh.

I'm no writer, but I suppose imagining stories in the RV universe is the latest thing to catch my interest. If you see something written by me, run, it's a trap! :)

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