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Update: 8/8/08 (Ok not really that date, but I really wanted to just once write that date down somewhere it's just so cool lol it's really 8/14/08)

I felt I had to give a update on the state of the next chapter of the second book of World of Darkness.

I'm working on everyday, but I am having trouble with the pacing of this chapter. For whatever reason I can't get the scenes to make sense in my head, or when I type them out. Not sure why, it's not like writers block, its just that every time I put something down it just does not look right. But don't worry I am still plucking along.

As for Sail Away I have been waiting for Isils's chapter, my guess she/he is swamped in real life, which is very understandable. So I will be looking to write the next chapter myself. If there is another person who would like to join up to the Round Robin please feel free to contact me; you really don't have to be a writer type to do one of these (look at me ;) )

Anyway, that's it for now. I hope to have something up, for either story in the next week, if not sooner.

Thanks for your patience.

Update: 4/18/08

Just so my readers know (well those that might look at his profile page lol) I am currently working on the next chapter of the story, but it's going slow. A few personal issues with friends kind has my head someplace else and hard to really get many words down at the moment.

I hope to finish this chapter by next week, but no real promises with how things with my friends are going. Keep fingers crossed LOL

Update: 1/19/08

As ppl could tell, I am such a big ol lier. LOL.

Really I had started chapter 8, but stuff just would not come. I am just glad I finally got it done. So as not to take as long...I hope...I have started chapter 9.

So wish me luck. ;)

Update 11/6/07: Hi all.

Totally sorry about the lack of update to my story A World of Darkness. Had some personal issues and stuff come up. Along with a very bad case of writers block...(if you can call it that, when the person is not really a writer. LOL)

Not sure how you can have writers block when you already know how the story should go, but there ya go. Anyway, I am back at it as if this update. Not sure when it will be up, concidering I am a slow typer and stuff, but be assured I should have another chapter up in the next week or so, sooner if things work out.

So to those few of you that have been reading what is up so far, I hope you like what's up there so far and will still be there to read the next offering. ;)


Guess I should put something here.

I'm an Undertaker fan.

Scratch that, I am an Undertaker Devotee.

I prefer the darker persona, not a big fan of the more mundane biker persona. (Anyone can play a bad ass on a bike. Look at Polumbo)

I respect the man's skills in the ring and his devotion to the industry.

I also respect Kane's devotion to the industry as well. ( But he comes second to Taker. ;) )

That's pretty much all I have to say I guess.

Oh wait.

If there is anyone out there with the writing chops to take this on, I would love to read a story of the Ministry days, contiiued. Where After he walks out on the company he decides that the idea of him taking over the company, though just a ploy of Vince's to get to Austin, is not such a bad idea and he does contact the dark forces to help him do it. (Yeah that does mean this would have to be a kayfabe story with Taker being...well...the Undertaker, powers and all :D ) I'm not a good enough writer to tackle this and if I did, then I would not have the joy or reading it. LOL

Anyway, I hope if someone reads this bio they give it a shot.

That is all

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