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List of odd facts about myself you might find amusing or interesting:

I like milk.

I dance too fast. (according to a friend of mine -_-)

I like frozen grapes but only when on a toothpick. (Don't judge me, I swear they're more fun to eat that way _

I'm one of those people who have dreams every night and can space out over one hundred times a day. (and yet somehow do well in classes)

Oh, my mangas: (Pretty sure I'm missing some, but don't really want to update this list…)

One Piece


Naruto (I kinda skipped about a hundred chapters during the war but I started reading again recently)

Fairy Tail

RosarioVampire (series one and two) (Btw, dumb ending)


Soul Eater

Rave (Not finished cause I spoiled it for myself -_-) (Damn you, wiki!)

Psyren (Not finished)

Shaman King (Not finished)

Vampire Knight (Not finished)

Special A

(also, I don't watch the anime because I prefer the original. No offence to those who watch the animes, I just like reading them better) (I might have to revoke this statement soon since I've been watching several animes recently:



Clannad (Not the after story, though. I read the plot and though 'nope, I don't need another feel trip)

The Devil Is a Part-Timer

Mirai Nikki


Tokyo Ghoul

I'm also a tad obsessed with Homestuck at the moment. Very very obsessed with Homestuck

(As you might have already figured out by my profile pic)

Note to anyone reading my stories: At the moment I'm stuck in high school, which basically means I do not have the energy to write at the moment, or re-write anything because quite honestly I was quite disappointed in my writing before I stopped- I got lazy and made a lot of mistakes. For now, I'm mainly writing for fun, meaning I won't be publishing anything unless one of the stories I'm working on for fun turns out really well. In that case, I'll upload it chapter by chapter, even if no one likes it much o-o

I really appreciate your support, and I apologize to anyone who was waiting for an update on one of my stories (however few of you there were)

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