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Halo Universe

- The Life and Death of Moss Shen (Title subjected to change)

[As the name implies, this series of stories follows the adventures of Moss Shen as he tries to survive the madness that is the Human-Covenant War]

- Missing in Action (Complete)

Taking place in 2545 (seven years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved) during the Battle of Actium, Sergeant Moss Shen and his squad attempt to accomplish their mysterious objective, all while the world around them threatens to tear itself apart by the seams.

- Last Round (Complete)

Taking place a few months after Missing in Action, in the aftermath of the Actium Campaign, Sergeant Moss Shen is left struggling to move on from the nightmares and horrors he witnessed and did in the name of survival. (Direct sequel to Missing in Action)

- Last Man Standing (Complete)

Taking place in 2547 (five years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved) during the Battle of Skopje, Sergeant Moss Shen and his squad find themselves cut off and surrounded by Covenant forces. There is only one recourse of action left: fighting until the last man standing.

- Other Halo Stories

[These stories are all standalone stories, but (most) are intended to take place in the same universe as the Moss Shen stories. As such, characters, events, and technology will appear in these stories, as well as the aforementioned ones.]

- Noble, Vi (Complete)

A one-shot set during the Lone Wolf level of Halo: Reach, Lieutenant Viola "Vi" Noble; a.k.a. SPARTAN-B312, a.k.a. Noble Six; reflects on life's little ironies. (This story is not directly connected with my other Halo stories, but can be viewed as such)

- Halo: Atlantic Resolve (Complete)

An alternative universe one-shot: a single Covenant battlecruiser is accidentally sent back in time to Earth, 2015. Now what? (This story is not connected with any of my other Halo stories.)

- Swamps (Complete)

A one-shot set in 2546 (six years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved) during the Battle of New Llaneli, a special operations unit is sent down to the surface to recover a high-risk personnel before she can be captured by the Covenant. Unfortunately, as the team is quick to discover, not everything is as simple as it initially appears.

- Other Universes

- Of Airplanes, Wolves, and Kane (Complete)

- A story set in the Command and Conquer universe, this was a challenge between myself and my editor, Darkfire7881 (see my favorite author's for a link to his profile)

- Gears of War: Last Hope (Complete)

A "fusion" story between the Gears of War and Halo games, this was a request from a reader of mine who had wished to see a story regarding the (then) recent addition of the Kat and Emile skins to the Gears 5 multiplayer. As I was not familiar with the new GOW trilogy, this story instead takes place during the original GOW series.

- Half-Life: Opposing Force 2 (Complete)

A one-shot story written in celebration of the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx, Half-Life: Opposing Force 2 will attempt to further the story of that of Adrian Shephard, the protagonist of the original Opposing Force (note: despite having the same name, this story has nothing to do with the Opposing Force 2 mod.)

- Abandoned Stories

- A Day in the Limelight (Halo)

This story was an attempt to depict other aspects of the military not generally seen in most media. It proved to be much more difficult than I anticipated and as such, has been abandoned. While some elements and chapters have been salvaged and re-purposed for other stories, this story is not to be considered part of my universe's canon.

"Mostly Dead" Stories

- Battle: Actium (Halo)

This story was an experimental story where I could explore different concepts and writing techniques I otherwise wouldn't have tried. Originally was never planning on finishing it, but then once I got halfway through, I changed my mind and decided I would. However, by the time I reached chapter 38, I reached the conclusion that the story itself had gotten way too bloated and complex, and would require a major re-write. As such, it was abandoned, though potentially, it will be rewritten as some point in the future. (Awaiting rewrite)

My Editors

- Darkfire7881

- TheWildCanuck

(see my favorite author's tab for links to their profiles.)

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