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Hey Everyone,

I'm Girl with Life Full of Anime and I'm a HUGE anime fan. You're never old for anime and/or many other kid things, but if you're a person who thinks you're too old for that since you're in your preteen/teenage years, I suggest you spend your last moments of being a kid or spend time acting like one.

I go by other names on other sites. On, I am Girl with Life Full of Anime (as you can see). On Tumblr and WattPad, I am Tatsuyuka. And on DeviantArt, I am Sunbeams22.

If you need help with writing a new story just P.M me, and I'll be more then happy to help you. I warn you though; I myself might have trouble with helping you on that story as well. XD But don't worry. I don't bite. :)

Another few things I am going to tell you is that Winx Club is totally uninteresting to me. :( I'm sorry. I also have the tendency to change my profile picture 24/7, so don't get annoyed when I do. And...I end up publishing more stories when I want to and when I know I have many other stories I have to update. So that's another thing you should try not to get annoyed with me.

To all those people who enjoy watching anime movies, I suggest you watch Hayao Miyazaki's movies. They are wonderful (in my opinion.) My most favorites have to be; Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. I haven't watched all his movies though. ;)


I am suddenly into lots of shows about anime! XD I will probably be typing/writing stories about those shows too. (\•.•\)—(/•.•/)

-Girl with Life Full of Anime

Old Pen-Names:

1.) WC 4eva

2.) Blood Tears for Eternity

3.) XxXAmulet AmutoXxX

-Fairy Tail-

Fav. Fairy Tail Gals:

1.) Erza: She's awesome! Over 100 requip armors!! XD I also really like her hair. I wish I was a redhead. :/ I also find it funny how she's highly obessed with strawberry cake. Man...I feel like no matter how many anime shows I watch...I'll never get over Fairy Tail.

2.) Lucy: OMFG!! How many celestial keys will this girl get! XD Though...sometimes...she scares me. O.o Another thing I hate about when you're a person and Lucy ends up being your most favorite character, you people have a tendency to pair her up with every single guy in the anime Fairy Tail. You guys make her sound like a slut (no offense)! :(

3.) Juvia: She's funny...scary...nice...scary. I like how her hair was when she first came out as a member of Fairy Tail. Now...she looks weird with her hair straight and stuff.

4.) Mirajane: Matchmaking! OMG!!! I'm scared of her transformation though. O.O.

5.) Cana: CA-RA-ZY!! XD I love her magic though. XD

6.) Levy: Okay...I completely don't understand her magic. :/...XD

7.) Wendy: She's okay I guess. I know there is many other characters but I'm too lazy. :P

Fav. Fairy Tail Dudes:

1.) Gray: Dude...he' XD He's practically the hottest guy in Fairy Tail in my opinion!

2.) Jellal: Sure...he's a jerk...for hurting Erza MANY times...but he's sweet. He was really sweet before the whole Zeref thing and he was sweet when he lost his memory. :)

3.) Natsu: He's a dragon slayer...he has pink salmon hair...he has a blue talking cat...he's...he's...NATSU DRAGNEEL!!! WHOOOA!!!! YEA!!! XD

4.) Lyon: He was evil at first...but he's sweet now. Right? :)

5.) Gajeel: He's alright I guess.

Fav. Fairy Tail Couples:

1.) Gray&Erza: I have finally come down to a conclusion...I ship GrayZa. XD I found out by finding myself favorite and read so many stories about them. :) I also find it adorable how Gray blushes when he sees Erza cry. I honestly think Gray and Erza had a connection when they were younger and that they still do. And to be honest, this is one of my OTPs.

2.) Natsu&Lucy: C'mon!!! Who doesn't love them!! I LOVE THEM!!! Heck...BEYOND LOVE THEM!! XD But I find it sad how some NaLu fans out there completely go nuts when they don't have a moment. People?! Hello?!? They won't have a moment every second so calm down! One thing to made it to my OTP list. Gehe.

3.) Juvia&Lyon: I SWEAR...THEY WILL BECOME A REAL COUPLE!!! THEY WILL!!! XD Lyon gives her the attention she needs! I have a little soft spot for JeRza and GrUvia I admit it, but my GrayZa and LyVia feels are way to strong! triangle? GrUviOn, GraJeZa, GrUvZa, GrUviOnZaJe (Lol! Wtf?) etc. OTP list too! XD

4.) Hibiki&Cana: My gosh! I love them! So sad that there is so little love for them out there. :( I'm totally fangirling crazy for these two! XD Amusingly, it's one of my OTPs. P.S: I don't consider this couple a crack-pairing. Hiro Mashima had Hibiki ask Cana out! And I saw a little something in those two that just made me ship them.

5.) Loki/Leo&Aries: SO CUTE!!! They really care about each other. Hope they become a couple. :)

6.) Gajeel&Levy: Cute...awesome...cute. XD Gajeel had first started out as almost killing Levy and know he's protecting her.

7.) Freed&Mirajane&Laxus: My total OTP love triangle! GraJeZa coming in second place. ;) I really don't know who to ship Mira with. So I really don't care. XD

8.) Happy&Carla: CARLA YOU MEANIE!!! He's really sweet to you ignore him. :(

And I have so many crackships as well. XD

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