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FeuerBrann PM
Joined Jan '13

Well, I guess i dhould write a profile or something in here, *cough cough, well...

I like Cience Fiction, fantasy, Mystery, Terror and adventure, books and movies. I Listen to various music preferring Clasic Music, Jazz, Rock and Metal (Heavy Mostly).

Drawing is one of my favourite hobbys, along side with reading comics, webcomics and fanfics, books, wood carving, and cleaning my house.

If you are wondering - Feuer how cleaning is a thing you like and spend so much time doing, is beacuse i suffer of a not so seriuos case of OCD and well all the stuff that goes with it, insomnia, excesive cleaning and handwashing blah bla blah...

Well I think that pretty much sums me up, or does it?

Oh!... I also like fire and jokes, well thats it.

Thanks for visiting,

Feuer out

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