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naruto(naruto and sasuke), miraculous ladybug, kimi ni todoke, my little monster(natsume and sasayan), gakuen alice, kodocha, cardcaptor sakura, akatsuki no yona, shirayukihime, inuyasha, sisters grimm, tangled, frozen(jack and elsa), who are you: school 2015(go eun bi, gong tae gwang), hirunaka no ryuusei(suzume and mamura), mulan, bitterblue(bitterblue and saf), sailor moon(chibiusa and helios; anyone know amazing usagi and mamoru ff?), peter pan(extreme angst), prince of persia, no.6, the little prince(anyone know amazing ff?), harry potter

please pm me if there are amazing fics from the above fandoms! much appreciated

the works/the now

on a reading binge at the moment.

if you love the same fandoms as I do go check out my impressive list of favourite stories because dang, those authors are pretty amazing. they're really good. i also favourite any author that impresses me as well so don't take my opinion to heart...


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