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Hi! I am WiseSilver!


I am in my early thirties and have a degree in English, though i have gone the route of a business owner. I live in Mid-Western United States.

My hobbies are writing, reading, attempting to draw, video games, attempting to sing, acting, and running the variety of web pages I admin. I have three dreams, My first is to become a published author and support myself on that. My second dream is too teach and pass down the lessons I learned in the hopes of helping the next generation find their way just a little easier than I did. My third dream is to travel and see the world, as well as returning to my beautiful small town in England just South-East of London. My final dream is to build a loving family and give my children the childhood I wish I had had.

I mainly write original work and thus why I will so seldomly post here on FF, but I do enjoy creating Fanfiction for Katawa Shoujo, Pokemon, StarWars, Halo and hopefully one day Naruto and a few other anime's and novels that I love. I do most of my work for fun, as many of my fellow writers no doubt do as well. Most of what I post will be small ideas I have or long term ideas.

I realize I am not the best but I work hard on my work and will do my best to create well rounded stories that while a little fantastic, are no less meaningful or emotional than anything else I might write.

I enjoy good feed back but I will plaintively ignore ignorant or flaming reviews. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I have plans in the works for two Sword Art Online stories, as well as several stories for Katawa Shoujo and Naruto that I hope to spend some time on in the future.

All my works shall be continued at some point, I am currently in a dry spell due to a mix of work, family and putting my creative focus elsewhere.

Now I will explain a little bit about how my profile works! First about my favorited stories and then about the authors.

Favorited Story: I have pretty high standards for what I favorite, though there are exceptions. The first is a meaningfull story, has to be well written (few grammatical mistakes, good writing style and follows the ten rules of good writing), has to be complete or updated regularly. There are of course some that don't follow these rules and they are there because I felt they were good despite the flaws. I mainly have Harry Potter, KOTOR, Naruto, Mass Effect, Halo, Danny Phantom and unique crossovers in my favorites. There are of course, some exceptions.

Favorite Authors: I don't have many favorite authors and that's because of my strict rules. A author has to have at least two stories that I have enjoyed for me to look over their account and then if they have had three or more stories that I the enjoyed they become a favorite. This doesn't happen nearly as often as you might think. But the ones that I do have are all amazing in their own ways and I return to their works often.

Since I am a sucker for romance I might as well post a couple of my favorite parings!








So feel free to look through my works, my favorites and theirs when you have the chance!

So until next time my sexy fans,


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