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All my stories are on hiatus except for The Choice Made and Strong Bonds.

Hey there, nice to meet you! (Or welcome back!)

My pseudo on FFnet is Amu4ever, but please call me Amu :)

I am the happy type of person and books are my passion. I have enjoyed reading many of your masterpieces so far. So, please feel free to have a good time with mine as well!

Hope you will be able to forgive my sporadic updates, because I am doing my best to make my stories as enjoyable as possible :)

If you want to know more about me, just PM me.

Progress on my promises - and therefore stories - can be found here:

Promises are sorted after Progress:

Promise 1: Publish a Harry Potter/ Lord of the Rings crossover

Progress: Promise fulfilled

Promise 2: Rewrite "Elemental Flames"


Chapter 1: Updated!

Chapter 2: Updated!

Chapter 3: Updated!


Extra Promise: Present three readers with a teaser of how it will continue. (Depending on the review count oner or two more could receive a teaser as well _ )

Progress: Previous progress of this promise might be of no use. (Due to changes in the story.)

Status: On Hold until Elemental Flames is completely rewritten.

Promise 3: Rewrite "The Beloved"


Summary: Updated!

Chapter 1: Updated!

Chapter 2: Updated! (Has over 1,500 more words then the previous version )

Chapter 3: Updated! (Has over 3,000 more words then the original version had :D )

Status: UNDER CONSTRUCTION AKA some work is finally being done!

The Parchment of Imladris twin:

My friend - sugar tear - has published the partner story to The Parchment of Imladris. The name of the story is The Parchment of Godrics Hollow

It's really good!

Harry Potter and the Magic of the Parallel Universe

Sareen momo has published its twin Harry Potter and the Magic of the Past


Elemental Flames: OnixMoon (active), FruitPastilles (active)

The Beloved: SpinningBlack (active)

The Parchment of Imladris: sugar tear (author of twin) and h1lovecupcakes (active)

Harry Potter and the Magic of the Parallel Universe: sugar tear, SakuraSyaoranLiTRC and sareenmoon

Some other Betas want to help me, but we haven't quite worked out with what yet. I appreciate all the help though! I am sure we will figure out a working shedule soon! :)

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