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Hello everyone!

My name is Pablo. I am an 25 year old writer in Texas.

I am a rookie writer intending to further my skills here. I love writing and I try my best to make sure it's as good and entertaining as possible. I mainly write fanfics; however, there is an original story I'm gathering ideas for, but that will be for later.


I'm back!! And for good, this time. I've taken a LONG time to focus on school, on myself, and I daresay I'm doing much better. I'll be posting chapter 1 of a new story I'm writing. It is a Fairy Tail x RWBY crossover (Yes, I've long gotten over the Alvarez Empire Arc). Believe it or not, RWBY is a show that I very recently discovered and watched. I liked it for what it is, even though it is chock full of issues, plotholes and quite honestly bad writing. I'll attempt to remedy that in this fic, even though it is a crossover. I still have the files for my stories ND:DoL and Heir of Void (FINALLY, I came to a title for Ruthless Seven). I'll be working on those as well, though my primary focus is going to be the FT x RWBY fic (to freshen up my skills, y'know? Don't want my other fics' quality to drop because of rusty skills).

I've read all of y'all's reviews, asking me whether I'm going to update or not, and well, here's my answer. I'M BACK, Y'ALL!!


My top 10 anime are:

1. One Piece

2. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

3. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

4. Bleach

5. Freezing

6. Naruto

7. Fairy Tail

8. Strike the Blood

9. Mirai Nikki

10. Dragon Ball Z

My top 5 manga are:

1. One Piece

2. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

3. Bleach

4. Fairy Tail

5. Akame ga Kill

Favorite Pairings (In No Particular Order):

Fairy Tail

1. Natsu x Erza (NaZa)

2. Natsu x Mirajane (NaMi)

3. Natsu x Erza x Mirajane (NaZaMi)

4. Natsu x Ultear (NaUl?)

5. Natsu x Wendy (NaWen) (Older Wendy, of course; I'm not a pedophile)

6. Natsu x Hisui (NaHis)

7. Natsu x Irene (NaRene?)

Crack Pairings:

1. Natsu x Mavis (NaMav?)

2. Natsu x Kyoka x Sayla (NaKyoSay?)


1. Ichigo x Nelliel (IchiNel)

2. Ichigo x Tier Harribel (IchiHarri)

3. Ichigo x Nelliel x Tier Harribel (IchiNelliHarri)

4. Ichigo x Yoruichi (IchiYoru)

5. Ichigo x Orihime (IchiHime)

Crack Pairings:

1. Ichigo x Rangiku (IchiRangi?)

One Piece

1. Luffy x Nami (LuNa)

2. Luffy x Hancock (LuHan)

3. Luffy x Robin (LuRo)

4. Luffy x Vivi (LuVi)

5. Luffy x Shirahoshi (LuShi)

6. Luffy x Rebecca (LuReb)

7. Luffy x Reiju (LuRei)

Crack Pairings:

1. Luffy x Monet (LuMon)

2. Luffy x Perona (LuPero)


1. Naruto x Yugito (NaruYugi)

2. Naruto x Konan (NaruKona?)

3. Naruto x Kurenai (NaruKure)

4. Naruto x Temari (NaruTema)

5. Naruto x Anko (NaruAnko)

6. Naruto x Samui (NaruSamu)

Crack Pairings:

1. Naruto x Mabui (NaruMabu)

2. Naruto x Kaguya (NaruKagu)

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

1. Eren x Mikasa (EreMika)

2. Eren x Annie (EreAnnie)

3. Eren x Historia (EreHisto)

4. Ymir x Historia (YmiHisto)

Harry Potter

1. Harry x Daphne

2. Harry x Fleur

3. Harry x Hermione


1. Natsu Draggio: Dragon of Lightning (Chapter 10 coming up!) Fairy Tail

Natsu, abandoned by his parents at the age of five, was found by Raggio, King of the Lightning Dragons. Raised as a Lightning Dragon Slayer, he loses Raggio at the tender age of nine. Alone, he sets out into the world, completely unaware of the destiny that awaits him. Little did he know that the sheer magnitude would shake the foundations of the world...

2. The Ruthless Seven (Chapter 4 coming up!) Fairy Tail

They are the most powerful dark wizards in the continent of Ishgar. Those who know them, tremble before their might. Of the few who have fought them, fewer still live to tell the tale. Eclipsing all but the most powerful of the Wizard Saints, they live their lives unhindered by the Magic Council, sanctioned to continue their activities as long as no innocents are adversely affected. They are the "Seven Warlocks of Ishgar", and Natsu Dragneel is the most powerful amongst them.

3. Heir of Void: Remnants (Chapter 2 coming up!) Fairy Tail x RWBY

After millenia of being sealed, Natsu wakes up to a world completely foreign to him. Filled with vicious, man-eating creatures known as Grimm, "Aura" using wizards known as "Huntsman", and technology beyond his wildest dreams, will he adapt to this new world? Or will he remain stuck in the past, a mere remnant of a bygone time?

Future Works:

(For my future works, no summary will be provided. That will come when the story is published and it takes its place in my fanfics section.)

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