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I'm not a writer just someone who loves to read, below just some things that I find interesting enough to put here.

I'm a very boring person.

That said, I read mostly femslash , and I don't write but I read A LOT!

To put the world in order, We must first put the nation in order;

To put the nation in order, We must put the family in order;

To put the family in order, We must cultivate our personal life;

And to cultivate our personal life, We must first set our hearts right.” - Confucius

I love the written word, and extremely long stories. And Spacebattles!

"And with strange aeons, even death may call in sick to avoid getting face-stomped~~Zergoli."

We're humans. We poke stuff even if much later we really wish we hadn't. Usually right before it eats us."-Volkogluck

''Traditions are the way the past destroys the future''Me

XCOM: We most emphatically do not come in peace.~~unknown quote from Spacebattles.

'All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.' Edmund Burke

It was OK for Emma to look like she fell face first in wood chipper. Emma deserved it. It was not OK for Taylor to look like a corpse.~~(Rage Will Set Me Free (SW) byMarekGutkowski)

'For every predator that stalks its prey, there is a hunter right behind it.'~~~Catamboc

I wish FFnet would allow more favorites because I have more than they allow.

My interests are many mostly femslash, scifi, fantasy with a smattering of yaoi.

Don't let that scare you off...Enjoy the recommendations, everything I have as a favorite is something I've read.

" No human shall in any way aid in the perpetuation of or take action that might be of benefit to alien species." - Humanity First~Generation Tech

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