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IMPORTANT UPDATE - March 17, 2020: To whom it may concern. I'm FREE guys! I'm finally, finally free! No more living with emotional abuse for me. I got out, I got away, and now I can get better. I can get real help, and I can heal. And then, I can get back to writing. I've been gone a long time. The world is different now than it was when I went on hiatus, and so am I. Now, I can't speak for the world, but I know I've changed for the better, and I want to thank all of you crazy readers who stuck with me for your support. It meant more than I can say without getting all teary-eyed. Seriously, I'm coming back. It will still be rough for a while, and I don't know if I can ever promise the weekly updates I pumped out back when I was writing the first Supernovas installment, but I'll do my best not to drop off the grid for years either. So, this is me saying: 'See you soon.' Until then, Blindluck92, out.

I am Blindluck92

I have access to an enormous amount of fictional knowledge, and I figure it's time I do something with it.

If my stories seem strange, I would suggest having an understanding of the book series Pendragon, as I draw heavily from its theme of "territories".

Supernovas mentioned up to this point, their respective territories, and the video games they come from:

Cole "Kessler" MacGrath; Supernova of Conduit Earth; inFAMOUS series
Alex J. Mercer; Supernova of Blackwatch Earth; Prototype
The Master Chief and Cortana; Supernovas of Reach; Halo series (pre-Halo 4 until stated otherwise 343 gets their shit together... Public Service Announcement: 343 still hasn't got their shit together as of Halo 5's release will never have their shit together.)
Jack “Rapture” Ryan; Supernova of Rapture; Bioshock 1 and 2; technically an OC
Eleanor Lamb; Supernova-Unique hybrid of Rapture; Bioshock 2
Desmond Miles; Supernova of Nexus Earth (territory name a work in progress); Assassin's Creed series
Raiden aka Jack the Ripper; Supernova of Metal Gear Earth; Metal Gear Series (Revengeance incarnation)
Megaman Zero; Supernova of Reploid Earth; Megaman X and Zero series (Zero series incarnation)
Dante, Vergil, and Nero; Supernovas of Devil May Cry; "Classic" Devil May Cry series
Corvo Attano; the "Fighting Unique" of Dunwall; Dishonored series
Garrett; Supernova of The City; Thief series
Booker DeWitt; "Omega" incarnation of Booker, distilled from multiple timelines by Elizabeth DeWitt; Bioshock Infinite
Starkiller (Clone of Galen Marek); Supernova of Skywalker's Territory; Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
Kratos; Supernova of Sparta; God of War series
Asura; Supernova of Gaea; Asura's Wrath
War, Death, and Fury; Horsemen of the Apocalypse; Darksiders series
Zack Fair; Supernova of The Planet; Final Fantasy VII (Crisis Core)
Deadpool; Supernova of Marvel and the Fourth Wall; What, was "Supernova of Marvel" not clear enough for you? Screw off, Blindluck, I can handle my own bio, thank you very much.
Red X (Jason Todd); Supernova of DC; headcanon hybrid of Red Hood from DC Comics, Arkham Knight from titular game, and Red X from Teen Titans (work in progress)
Samus Aran; Supernova of Zebes; Metroid series
Adam Jensen; Supernova, but currently waiting for next Deus Ex game before discussing more
Isaac Clarke: Supernova of Marker Space; Dead Space series
Aya Brea; Supernova of Mitochondrial Eve Earth; Parasite Eve series
Prophet/Alcatraz; Supernova of Ceph-CELL Earth; Crysis 2 and 3
Bearer of the Curse, "BC" for short; Supernova of the Abyss; Dark Souls 2 (joint work with friend and fellow author, Enkkidu.)

A list of Uniques, as well as other "higher powers" that cannot be classified as Unique or Supernova (LIST CURRENTLY INCOMPLETE):

Robert "Bobby" Pendragon, Leader of the Travelers; highest authority in Solara; known as "Old Man Pendragon" by the Supernovas
Travelers; Original Soldiers of Halla that fought at Pendragon's side; to know more, pick up the book series and read it - no, seriously read it! Those books were good!
Elizabeth DeWitt, aka Elizabeth Prime; Exists outside of Solara in the Sea of Doors; Bioshock Infinite
Sheogorath the Madgod; Hero of Kvatch was a Unique, but as a Daedra, Sheogorath is something... more; Oblivion
Commander Shepard; Unique of the Mass Effect Job
Vault Dweller, Chosen One, Lone Wanderer, Courier Six; Uniques of Retronuke Earth (Fallout series)
Clay Kaczmarek aka Subject 16; Unique of Nexus Earth (Assassin's Creed series)
Revan and Exile; Uniques of the Old Republic (KotOR 1 and 2; Star Forge and Malachor Era)
Meteor, Barsen'thor, Hero of Tython, Voidhound; Uniques of the Old Republic (SWTOR; Galactic War Era) - now merged into single persona; simply, "Outlander" or "Commander" as of Eternal/Fallen Empire arcs.
Champion of Cyrodiil, Hero of Daggerfall, Nerevarine, Dovahkiin; Uniques of Tamriel/Nirn (Elder Scrolls series)
Jack Ryan and Subject "Johnny Topside" Delta; Uniques of Rapture (Bioshock 1 and 2)
Hero of Ferelden, Hawke, The Inquisitor; Uniques of Thedas (Dragon Age series)
Galen Marek (the original one, not the clone); Unique of the Rebel Alliance (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1)

Profile STILL under EXTREME reconstruction. No idea when I'll get finished. Upcoming attractions include:

A "pocket guide" to the Solara System and how jobs typically work.

Okay, so the pocket guide is taking longer than I'd like, so for now, I'm copy and pasting the important parts from various chapters throughout my stories:

In a past life, most Uniques had lived extraordinary lives and carried out feats that made them look like messiahs and chosen ones. Others were from territories whose Supernovas needed guidance but the circumstances were extreme, an example being Kessler, joining the Uniques as a means of atonement. Usually though, Uniques were individuals who had fought for a grand cause on their territory, thus it was no surprise when almost all of them shared a common theme: countless lives depended on every choice they made. And those choices were never easy.
So what do the Uniques do? If their lives were over, what did they need from anyone? They wanted what any tired hero wants: to fix the countless "what-ifs" that plagued their minds. They saved the day, but was it enough? The answer is no. The Uniques send a small team, to "reset" their former lives, turn back the clock, and – for lack of a better phrase – do it once more with feeling. Of course if the unstoppable Uniques couldn't make everything just perfect, who could? What kind of man could succeed where a Unique had not? Where could they find the kind of talent needed to top a Unique's own performance?
That's where the Supernovas come in. They are taken outside the laws of time via Halla's flumes, and given jobs that would be called impossible. But impossible to the common man is usually the epitome of a Supernova. They are each a one-man army, and usually it was one Supernova standing against an army. It's exactly the kind of power needed in individuals who would "redo" the stories of the Uniques "with style". It's interdimensional vigilantism, cosmic pro-bono work, metahuman "non-divine" intervention, and it's completely awesome. The Supernovas are never told what they're supposed to be doing, and the reason for this is twofold. First, Pendragon learned that the Supernovas got better results when they weren't given an instruction guide on what to do. Second, it was harder to keep the Solara Secret a secret when they always seemed to know what was coming ahead of time. Instead it scared everyone they were trying to save when the truth came out that this was a repetition of history with freaks instead of Uniques. Halla was almost torn apart when Uniques aren't completely removed from the picture. In their mind, it's a small price to pay for a better ending to the story. So the working system is a cosmic reset button that puts the Supernovas in the lives of a Unique to tell the story and get better results as heroes. Though "hero" is sometimes pushing it, they're really good at their jobs. Otherwise, they wouldn't be Supernovas.

Now killing bad guys is only half of a Supernova's job, however. The easy half, in fact. What could be harder than saving the world? Dealing with authority in all its obstructive shapes and sizes. Legitimate, corrupt, and everything in between, it doesn't matter. Supernovas are hated by governing bodies, corporate conglomerates, NGOs, and "the system" in general. Of course, the Supernovas don't exactly foster goodwill, but public relations take backseat to saving the world and protecting their own secrets. Shepard would have loved to call the Citadel Council out on their bullshit. Instead the Commander plays "good little soldier" for the sake of humanity. Not the Supernovas though! They'll speak their mind every damn time, and they can't be stopped. Governments would love nothing more than to control them or silence them, but it's not possible when they're teleporting, immortal, bunker-busting freaks.
And that's the whole point! Whether it's saving the world or calling the local corrupt judge out on his bullshit, Supernovas are superhuman. Any Unique would face the challenge of being "just one person" or "only human" while carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Supernovas aren't "just" or "only" anything. Their powers are weapons that cannot be taken away. You can disarm a soldier with a gun or a sword, but you can't "disarm" the ability to control lightning, teleport, or crumple steel like tinfoil. Because of this, the Supernovas have a lot of options that never existed for the Uniques. It's a cross between Social Darwinism and wish fulfillment. It's less "the strong prey upon the weak," and more "the really strong won't take crap from the weak." They defy society to save it, so it all balances out. And while it pisses people off, Supernovas agree that if they aren't pissing someone off somewhere, they're doing their jobs wrong.


A brief description of the Supernovas especially noteworthy for the current Mass Effect Job.

A rough definition of what qualifies for a Supernova and what doesn't. Look at it before asking "Is (insert name here) a Supernova?"

Take away gameplay mechanics, and tell me if the character is still superhuman. If not, then stop here. If yes, then take away all special weapons or armor that could be used by someone other than the character, and now tell me if they are superhuman without it. If no, then stop here. If the character's equipment responds only to that character, then you can ask me. Now, if the character's equipment isn't the reason they're potentially a Supernova, then strip them down to their smalls and put them in a room of normal people. If there is absolutely nothing different between the character and the normal people, then they are not a Supernova. If there is a innate quality that separates them (genetic, magic, mental, physical, etc.), then ask me if they are Supernovas. It's that simple.

A list of future projects, some of which I might actually start working on and even publishing sometime the near future before the end of 2016 (at the rate I'm going, it's not looking pretty. I suck at multitasking apparently).

I have no idea when I'll get it all finalized, but I guarantee it'll be awesome. And as you all have probably realized, I'm getting really bad at updating things.

Supernovas of Thedas - Coming soon eventually this century!(?)

Live, Die, Respawn - A rough idea for a Destiny story with no (current) connection to my Supernova multiverse. (Author's Note: Sorry guys, Enkkidu and I are keeping this one offsite for now.)

Nuclear Winter Soldier - New story that I'm actually writing! Will update when mood strikes me, unlike the failed attempt at consistently getting Supernova chapters written (which is getting rather really stressful because of my writing style and personal situation).

Supernovas of the Old Republic - New story in the Supernovas multiverse, starting around the Tuchanka arc of One Way Flight and continuing past the Mass Effect Trilogy entirely. Primary Supernovas (known so far) include Delsin Rowe, Starkiller and the other Starkiller (aka "Fighting Unique" Galen Marek). Will involve the moderately-anticipated subplot of Strong-Novas and Void-Class aspects of the multiverse. More fun to write than anything else so far.

A Revenge Reborn - New Final Fantasy XIV: ARR story about revenge (obviously). Enkkidu convinced me to play it over the holidays. This story is about why it's really bad idea to piss off someone who kills gods on a routine basis. It's also really bad to put ten thousand mandatory fetch quests between said god-killer and whoever it is they want to kill.

And now for some quotes! Warning: PROBABLE SPOILERS AHEAD!

"And so we go." - Bobby Pendragon

"War... War never changes." - Ron Perlman

"I never cared about justice, and I don't ever recall calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people that I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears before me, I will destroy it!" - Megaman Zero

"Nulla è reale, tutto è lecito. Requiescat en pace." - Ezio Auditore da Firenze

"Never experiment on species with members capable of calculus; simple rule, never broke it." - Mordin Solus


"Would you kindly?" - Bioshock

"A Man chooses! A Slave obeys!" - Andrew Ryan

"Thought I'd try shooting my way out; mix things up a little." - Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, Spartan John-117

"Amonkira. Lord of Hunters. Grant that my hands be steady, my aim be true, and my feet swift. And should the worst come to pass, grant me forgiveness." *disappears into thin goddamn air* - Thane Krios

"Let's cut to the chase. I'm not telling you who I am. Yes, I know exactly who I'm dealing with. No, I don't want your money, I just have a few questions. And for god's sake please don't beg for your life!" - Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell

"Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt!" - Everyone in Bioshock Infinite

"Jackpot!" - Devil May Cry

"Delta Squad is in your house, bitch! You hear that shit? All you grubby-ass bitches are going down! Like, way down! Dead down! So down you ain't gonna know which way is up! Your asses are gonna be crying to your skank-ass Queen, 'Oh Mommy, don't let the bad man hurt us!' Fuck you! We gonna whoop yo momma's ass! WHOO!" - Augustus "Cole Train" Cole's enlightening speech

"I'll kill you with my teacup." - Riddick

"Serve... Save... Slave... Slay..." - Fray

My personal one-liners:

"Don't be an ass, because then I'll have to be an ass back, and I'm much better at being an ass than you are." - A brief summary of my approach to life.

"I'm taking solace in the fact that Bioware didn't actually give me a choice." - My response to the end of Mass Effect 3

"Arrow in the knee or foot up the ass. Take your pick." - My warning to Skyrim guards

"I'm apologize, but you've clearly mistaken me for somebody who gives a shit." - Multiple times while playing Fallout, I say this.

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