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ok not much to say loved anime and manga since i was 12 lately haven't been many anime's that have caught my attention so always come back to fanfiction to tide me over till the next anime

fav anime's in no particular order

hellsing ultimate


black cat

great teacher onizuka

code geass






fav manga in no particular order

battle royal

record of fallen vampire

ubel blatt

assassination classroom (better than the anime)

cage of eden

bio meat nectar


chrono crusade

one piece

and many more

fav fandoms to jump to when looking for a story




fairy tail

ouran highschool host club

fav and hated pairings

naruto fav

naruto x ameyuri

naruto x anko

naruto x ayame

naruto x fem haku or fem naruto x haku

naruto x hana inuzuka (really underused in single pairing story's)

naruto x karui (she doesn't get enough love)

naruto x kin (like it more with tayuya in the pairing as well)

naruto x konan

naruto x shizune (really underused in single pairings)

naruto x tayuya (best pairing dont know why just is)

naruto x temari

naruto x tenten

naruto x tsume (got to love the doggy milf)

naruto hate

naruto x hinata (over used and many story stopped because of fans wanting the pairing in the story)

naruto x sakura

naruto x samui/yugito (not really a hate but there are other girls in kumo that can be used instead of these two)

any sasuke pairing cant stand him

inuyasha fav

sesshomaru x kagome

sesshomaru x sango

sesshomaru x kagura

bleach fav

ichigo x yoruichi

ichigo x tatsuki

ichigo x tier

starrk x tier

pairings i would love to read

chad x tier

chad x mila rose

chad x soifon

bleach hate

ichigo x rukia

ichigo x orihime

fairy tail fav

laxus x lucy

laxus x oc

lucy x acnologia

acnologia x irene

fairy tail hate

lucy x natsu

ouran highschool host club fav

mori x haruhi

mori x oc

hunny x haruhi

haruhi x ritsu

ouran highschool host club hate

haruhi paired with any other host especially kyoya

fav anime/manga characters

alucard (hellsing ultimate but also abridged love him in that)

seras victoria (hellsing ultimate)

accelorator (index)

kenpachi (bleach)

kenshiro (fist of the north star)

vash (trigun)

revy (black lagoon)

balalika (black lagoon)

tsuchigumo (nura rise of the yokai clan)

hagoromo gitsune (nura rise of the yokai clan)

onizuka (gto)

shin (kingdom)

ouki (kingdom)

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