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I love writing and drawing and I may not be good at it... But I love to do things that I like without a pressure on my shoulders. So I am lazy about updating stories. It can be hard for me to write an english story since I'm from another country. Anyway thanks for reading this.

My favourite couples are Harry/Tom, Naruto/Sasuke, Rin M/Sousuke, Sebastian/Ciel, Usami/Misaki, Shizuo/Izaya, Kaoru/Hikaru, Hiccup/Toothless, Kaname/Zero, Celty/Shinra, Luna/Neville, Kakashi/Sakura, Shiki/Rima, Luffy/Hancock too.

Shotacon is my favourite genre but it doesn't mean I enjoy it in real life...It's like watching Hannibal and watching hannibal doesn't automatically make you an cannibal... Dude, I made a rhyme unconsciously.

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