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Just like my name says, I'm just a mere observer of the world that surrounds us. Of course a part of that world is here on " FanFiction.Net " thanks to the wonderful writers who created it.

Previously I would like to thank everyone who has sacrificed from his precious time to read this Profile of mine.

About me :

My name is Another observer of the world but you can call me Ann because this was my signature when I was a Guest.

Age doesn't matter when you do something you enjoy

Occupation: Student

I like subject like History, Psychology, Biology and many more

I don't understand Math and Physics ( I never was good with them )

The languages I speak fluently are: English, French, Romanian

I started to learn Japanese ( I am only at the begining )

I Love : Anime, Manga, Asian culture and I like to draw, to paint, to photograph

I Hate : There are not many things that I hate but I could say the time that is passing too quickly and I don't get to do what I want.

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