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I am a second generation German/Irish/Scottish American. I enjoy speaking 4 languages passably; German, English, Gaelic, and Spanish. I am doing this because I find reading enjoyable and a good way to spend my free time. I am a researcher by both career and personality job and enjoy being a chemical analyst and weaponry researcher. I enjoy hunting. I am a practicing devote Roman Catholic. I am extremely religiously tolerant and hate stereotypes and misogynistic concepts. I have a permanent Residence in Germany, Ireland, and the United States. I would have one in Scotland as well if not for the amount of money it takes to pay for taxes in the U.S. lol to those who think the U.S. better rates they are up there with France. I am older than 20 but younger than 40. My top 5 nations to party in are Germany, Denmark, Cuba (only if you know someone in the party and don't have a U.S.,U.K. , or French Passport or any ID on you or speak Spanish without a french or English any region of the U.S.'s accent), Norway, and Ireland. ( If you can't go to Cuba then, go to Italy.) I enjoy travelling. I enjoying knowing way too much about anime, manga, religion, mythology, and cultures that have long since been destroyed. I hate historians that blame World War I on Germany, say that there was any clear winner in WWI, agree that France, the U.K., Italy, and the U.S. should have gone back on the Armistice/ceasefire of Berlin and made the Treaty of Versailles. I also hate most U.S., British and French history books and how they poison the minds of the youth against every other nation and paint themselves as some great super power too much yellow writing. Anyway I am a very blunt person who will not beat around the bush though I am prone to tangents since again I am a researcher.

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