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My name is Pidgeon Adrian O'Malley, but you can call me Pidge for short. :)

I am somewhat new to this whole writing of the fanfic, so please have mercy on me and review! I love reading it, and I hope you enjoy reading mine as well!

My favorite things in the fanfiction world are The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Sherlock, Flashpoint, Big Valley/Laramie/The Virginian/Bonanza/Gunsmoke (and many old Western series adaptions), Star Trek, and things of that nature. If I follow your story (stories) then you can assume that you have a darn good tale on your hands.

I appreciate everyone who has read/reviewed/followed/favorited me, and I hope I won't disappoint. Too often, that is. :-\

Enjoy, peeps!


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