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Hey, there! Welcome to my profiel!

My pen name is Ivegottorun, because i always have to hurry, cause i'm late...

I won't tell my real name. Just because i don't wanna.

My birthday is on 2 September

I can speak: Dutch, English and German.

My hobbies: Sailing, Drawing, Thinking of useless crap, Listening to music.

Anime: Fairy tail, One piece and Inazuma Eleven, Rave master.

Books: Harry Potter, Ranger apprentice, and lot's, lot's more.

Let just say i love reading, especially action, humor and romance.

Music: Mostly pop, but i like all kinds...

Favorite couples: NaLu, GaLe, JeRza, GrUvia, RoWen, BixLi, and go on and go on...

I don't really plan on making stories, but that can always change!

I like to review!

...And that's it! I think... I've got an account on devaintART... And i'm gonna place a link here...If i ever make something that's Not crappy-like...

Bye bye,

I've Got To Run!

(Cause i'm late for School...Again...)

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