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Note: I do still plan to write The Honored (a DS9 story with a hum dinger of a beginning). Presently, my alter-ego Philippe de la Matraque, has the pen. So the quicker he can write his story (It's been hard for both of us) the sooner I can get to The Honored. If you'd like, you can keep up on Philippe and I (ha ha) through Twitter. We are only tweeting what we read or what we write. But I did recently tweet that I'd written a scene of Philippe's Alien Us's Chapter 22! So it might help you hold out to I get it posted to know that occasionally my muse let's me write. I'm Inheildi on Twitter. So follow me there.

I have changed my email address (well, just the domain name) so please use the Email link above to see if you need to email me privately.

I'm a complex person. I've got degrees in History and Museum Studies. I studied creative writing and at least three foreign languages. I'm a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician, too. And, of course, I love Star Trek. And then there was Doyle. I had to write a couple of stories for him, now didn't I?

I have been writing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan fiction since 1994. I started writing just for fun, not knowing there was even an audience for it. I found alt.startrek.creative in 1995 and the web after that. I've since written two novel-length Star Trek DS9 stories, a trilogy, and at least three shorter ones. All of which can be found on my web site:
http:///trek/index.html. Most can be found here on FanFiction.Net.

I wrote an Angel novel (with some Buffy thrown in for good measure) and a vignette. I have a site for that as well. http:///doyle/index.html

I also dipped my toes into The Young Riders, one of my favorite shows from back in high school.

I've also found myself bitten by LOTR plot bunnies (so far, nine or so) and so I've written short stories, but I've used a pen name. You'll find those stories under Ainaechoiriel's profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/261132/. And check out HASA while you're at it. Stories only hit that archive after a nomination and approval status, which means it's only the good stuff over there. . Not only that, but I started a LOTR fic awards program based on the comment-based system of the Alt.StarTrek.Creative Awards of which I'm very fond. They're called the Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards, or MEFAs. Find out more information at http:///ainae/mefa. Sadly, that site is out-dated. But not sadly, the MEFA's live on under Marta's care at http://

And thanks to some very angsty episodes, I've managed to squeeze out a couple very short CSI fics.

I still have at least one more DS9 story in the works, so don't worry. It just takes me awhile because 1) I often write long stories and 2) there's never enough time to write as I would like. I know it's frustrating to wait a year or three for a story. Trust me, it's frustrating to take a year or three to write one. Ah well...

Update: The Honored which I started in 1997, is back on the back burner as Philippe is monopolizing our muses. Well now we're swapping because I'm writing Perchance to Dream, a Legends of Tomorrow fic starring Snart.

Order of Stories: some stories were written in a particular order and should be read that way. Though most can stand on their own, they might borrow events or characters from previous stories.

Star Trek: DS9 stories that borrow events from each other:
If It's Not One Thing...

Pain of Memory
Faith Trilogy
The Honored (if I ever get it written!)

Star Trek: DS9 stories that may refer to other stories or episodes of the show:

Healer (refers to 4th season, The Quickening)
A Clever Plan (refers to the Section 31 episodes; Dr Bashir, I Presume; and What You Leave Behind)
Welcome Home (refers the the one after Dr. Bashir, Garak, Martok, and the Romulan woman escape from the POW camp)

CSI stories that refer to events from the show:
They'll Stop
(refers to Grave Danger, season 6)
Into the Deep End (refers to Fannysmackin', season 7)

Angel, BTVS/Angel stories:
Just a Messenger
and Close to Home...So Far Away (depends on Hero, 1st season of Angel)

Other stories and references:
First Consideration (no specific reference to any episode, DS9)
The Hardest Thing and The Journey (no specific reference, just the whole show--The Young Riders)

And I now have a blog where you can keep up with my progress: http://. Sorry I don't often update that like I'd like to either. Blame my husband. :-)

As said above, you can also follow Inheildi on Twitter. I only tweet what I write or what I read. No mundane stuff like "I went to McDonald's for lunch."

And now I have a podcast! It's just me reading my stories and talking about good writing. If you'd like to listen, it's called There Are Three of Me and you can find it on Spotify and other places you get your podcasts. (I am the 1st of me, Ainaechoiriel is the 2nd and the 3rd is below.)

Now, a treat, if you've bothered to read all the down at the bottom of my bio. I've been writing under a secret penname for awhile. I'm going to spill. I am...

Philippe de la Matraque, author of Alien Us, a Star Trek: Enterprise story featuring Malcolm Reed and Hoshi Sato. You can find "his" profile here http://www.fanfiction.net/u/631471/

There you are. Please leave reviews for him, not for Gabrielle, if "he" wrote the story. He is an alter-ego of sorts. Of course, I wrote all the stories here. And I'm thinking of dipping my toes into an angsty Glitch-based Tin man fic...

Sadly, the dipping did not turn out well. I wrote like a hack. I tried, oh verily did I try! But alas, I think it's best not to continue. Now, if some great Glitch writer out there wants an idea, I'll pass it along. I do think the idea was worthy even if the execution was not.

For those who were concerned about my severe depression: It stemmed from our adoption of 2 children with Reactive Attachment Disorder. One of the children is extremely violent. He has since been removed from our home. The other was slightly less severe. Both are now out of my house but I am still dealing with PTSD and depression.

And by the way, "we" always fix typos and grammar foibles if we find them. Sometimes we reread our stories to get back into the WIPS or just revisit the others. And we find them. Nighbird47 says "Typos breed in the dark." So we always find some. And we fix them and reupload them. Every time.

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