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I am now checking my favourite stories list. And I am taking of some of them, because it was easier then when I didn't have so many favourites. So I just have to be more exact.* (and don't worry if your story has been removed. As it is. Romance and humor stories get more easily ridden if there isn't some adventure in there. Besides I like more unpredictable fics and those who even a little bit get off from canon:) So if I have favourited your story and then I take it of, it is because of that.

I have promised I wouldn't write stories. But now I have been thinking to give it a try. So many ideas. So many that I just had to strat to write them up. Then too I want to share more about it that I feel important in my life. Light in darkness. So... there they are. Stories. But I think I try to first write and perfect them. English isn't my first language. So that being. Hope you are understanding :P

Outside fanfiction

- I'm 25 year old girl from Finland, I am mischievous like 5year old but I have this 100year old side in me too. I like deep stuffs. I very much like adventures but I have compassion to them who haven't so much. Some day I would like to go to the countries to help them who have nothing. Them who are under severe pressure.

- I believe in God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) And I am interested about learning hebrew. Anyway it opens so much of Bible. I love finding secrets that are in hiding. More you know Bible and God, more you love Him. It is more than knowledge it is more than religion. It is belief. It is searching and finding. Someone who loves you and who you can learn to love. No matter do I deserve it. In Him I have learned to love myself as I have had difficult school live. I learn more about His mercy, love and life. To me every day with him is a adventure, full of surprises. I have seen many dreams too. About Jesus, about mr and my life. And those dreams too have given me some ideas for some stories.

- I am a health nurse. I am now working in neuvola. Pregnant woman and those who have given birth, and then babies and children.. Later I would like help even more people, helping women and childen, and people who need help with traumas for example those who have violent pasts.

- I have a twin Brother, two little brothers and parents. For some reason I have had always good relationship with all my family members. My twin is like for romance movies and I am .. me.. I like war movies and movies where some one fights for righteoussness. Even if he does do it bad way :P

- I have always been a bookworm. Most I love reading fantasy books but I love true stories too. Especially those from difficult upcoming, or leading to difficult lives. Moniculture has always been in my interests too.

- I'm pretty good in english. I have learned pretty well to read it (surprise surprise when I am here reading stories). Writing... oh I don't know. It is yours to decide. What you think :P

And here is some favourite stories I have read


1- All That Remains (LOTR)* (legolas)

2. Standing Still (Hobbit) (OC )

3. A Warlock's Wish (merlin)

3. Black Squadron (Star wars)

4. A Girl and a Mountain *(Mulan-fic)

4. Trial by fire (narnia)

5. In search of a Queen (hobbit)

5. Housekeeping (Batman)


The Darkness Within (By Kurinoone) ... Deepest Reflections ( Dark prince serie 3 by kurinoone) ... Harry Potter and the Veil of Death

. I'm Still Here *(By Kathryn518)HP ... Too far from home (HP) ... The Hidden Hero (By EveBB)*HP ... Darkly Treacherous (By xxlostdreamerxz) ..

The World Without Me (Harry). ... It Isn't Easy Being a Hufflepuff (by trillium248)*HP

Twisting Time (HP) (sirius) ...Ultima ratio (HP)(herm) ...Only A Boy (Hp/Merlin-crossover)*(merlin) ...One Last Gasp (by secretaryofsillywalks)*HP .. Whiskey Time Travel ... Be careful with what you wish for (Harry) .. Dimension Traveller

The World I Leave Behind (Harry)... . To Correct A Wrong (by kurinoone) ..... Birth of a Phoenix *(Harry) ... ... Protector? Me? *(Harry).. Bodyswitch (Herm)* --Promise to the Past .. Harry Potter and the Boy Who Lived ... Changing Sides (regulus)*...

Harry Potter and phoenix burning *... Black Coat (Harry)... On the Run .. A Stranger in an Unholy Land (Harry) ...Monster? I'm A Hero ..

My Topfavourite Merlin; Only A Boy* (x-cover HP merlin) & A Warlock's Wish & Whisperings of a Cave*&The Lost Warlock* & Secret Identities and Hidden Motives *& To Break a Curse *& Overlooked & The Hopes and Dreams & The secret protector *

My Topfavourite Avengers: Apropos of Nothing & Whispers in the Dark & Spiderman comes home & Paint it black & secrets to keep and bullies to save

My Topfavourite Rise of the Guardians: Zastruga & Shattered Ice Broken Heart & Jack of Jotunheim

My Topfavourite Hobbit: Standing Still (OC/Thorin Kili, Fili, Necromancer/Sauron) & In search of a Queen Thorin/OC ... A Truly Unexpected Journey (kili) & No Safe Paths & Bilbo Baggins and the Most Unexpected Night & A Pawn in the Game (kili) & Distractions (kili) & A Shot in the Dark & Calamity (kili) && Home is behind (oc) & A Promise Kept (tauriel)..

My Topfavourite LOTR: All That Remains* & The Fellowship and the Faerie(Maleficent x-cover) & His Corrupted Mind, Heart, and Soul &How To Survive In Middle Earth When You're A Teenaged Girl & Silent Flower of Song: Book One: Setting the Chessboard & The Choice & An Arrow in the Looking Glass & Only Eyes to See &Power of the Past & The Fears of a Prince & Lalaith Elerrina, Child of the Stars& On the Wings of the Storm ..The Last Seer .. Hunted ... .. Elerrina & Almarea ... Coronation's Lore (Narnia/LOTR)

My Topfavourite Narnia; Trial By Fire* & The Blades of Eru* (x-cover LOTR/Narnia) & There, And Back Again & Coronation's Lore (Narnia/LOTR)

My Topfavourite Rise of the Guardians; A Touch of Frost* (x-cover HP) & Jack of Jotunheim & Humanity & Shattered Ice Broken Heart

My Topfavourite Mulan: A Girl and a Mountain*

My Topfavourite StarWars; Lukea/Anakin: Black Squadron & For Family & Fruits of Malice & The Dangers of Foresight & Test Of Time Book 1: A Father's Son & The Dark Lord of Naboo ... Future Imperfect & Slipping Into Darkness & Changing fate

My Topfavourite Alex Rider: *1. A Shot from the past* ... Lost ... The failure replacement ... Trial error ... This Means War! .. Muddled tears ... Times Are A'Changin' ...Starting Anew.. History repeats ... How to Skip Geography ... Dangerous

My topfavourite Inheritance Cycle: Rewritten & Zoe

My Topfavourite Transformers: These Paths We Tread

Home alone: A Home Alone Halloween..

As you look to the sky

You can see fires dancing

you can hear heavens roaring

close your eyes

No one knows how much more there is

so let your feets dance

and close your eyes

for there is far more than you can touch

far more you can see hear and walk on.

: Poem by Anette aka phoenixuniverse

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