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Tite Kubo is a God.

Hey everyone, I'm Steal-yo-Lunch.

Age: 17.

Gender: Male.

Home: For me to know, and for you to never find out.

A short description of myself: I'm a pretty humble bloke; if you treat me nice, then I'll treat you the same. I'm laid-back, bordering lazy at times. That's not to say I'll sit idly by as you flame at me. If you've got the audacity to have a dig at me, then I'll dig right back.

Hobbies/Interests: I'm an Otaku, I play an excessive amount of video games(MMORPG's for the win!) and I love reading, writing and drawing. But everything changed when the Uni work attacked...

Favourite Manga/Anime's are: Bleach, Naruto, Ao no Exorcist, Shingeki no Kyojin, One Piece, Blood Lad, Sekirei, Fairy Tail, Death Note, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Gamaran, Akame ga Kiru!, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Sword Art Online, High School DxD, Highschool of the Dead, Rurouni Kenshin, Kurozuka, Hataraku Maou-sama!, Mirai Nikki, Soul Eater and UQ Holder!.

Favourite Manga/Anime character: Shinji Hirako(Bleach, favourite) Kisuke Urahara(Bleach, favourite), Tobirama Senju(Naruto), Rin Okumura(Ao no Exorcist), Kisame Hoshigaki(Naruto)


Favourite Quotes:

"Admiration is the emotion furthest from understanding." - Aizen Sōsuke.


I draw as well, so if any of you are interested in that sort of stuff, then check out my Deviant Art: http:///


Good morning/evening to everyone! Today, I'm going to teach you how to get thousands of reviews without having to use your brain!

Step 1: Either a NarutoxHinata or NarutoxSakura should suffice

Step 2: Make sure Naruto is beaten thoroughly every night because the 'villagers' are 'finishing what the yondaime started!!!!!'

Step 3: Somewhere between the first and second chapter, Naruto should experience a spontaneous change of heart after he finds out that the Sandaime Hokage has kept secrets from him(just remember that Hiruzen should have informed Naruto earlier, because telling a child that one of his parents was one of the most powerful ninja to ever be born is the right thing to do!!!)

Step 4: You must make sure that Naruto threatens anyone who dares look upon 'hinata-hime' or 'sakura-hime.'

Step 5: An encounter with eternal deity's such as: Kami, Amaterasu, Susano'o or the Shinigami is optional, but you must make sure that they either: A) Leave Naruto either the Rinnegan or 'kamigan' - or B) Revive Kushina in his 'mindscape' where she will validate her love turning Naruto into a serious, god-like ninja overnight!

Step 6: Pointless lemons that are no better than cheesy porn scripts should be added every few chapters.

Step 7: Grammar doesn't matter.

Step 8: After the Mizuki incident, it's best to have Naruto ask the Sandaime for money because shops love to over price him. After a change of clothes and that the store has gone out of business due to their dislike of Naruto, you should have him training in either the Forest of Death or behind the Hokage mountain.

Step 9: Make sure that the Sandaime Hokage postpones the team ups for a mere Genin, the dead last at that, and that Naruto somehow manages to learn the forbidden scroll because Kurama memorized it.

Well, that's all you pretty much need to get thousands of reviews with no brain. Should this fail you, be sure to inbox me so that I can help you up. I'm a treasure trove on these types of stories.


Sup, guys. I just thought I'd let you know that I'll be putting up a few storied in the coming weeks because I've written out some that have quite a few chapters. I'm just saying this in advance so thaat no-one will whinge for updates and whatever. Also, I'm not the type of dude who's going to update stories with a chapter every day to gain review etc; I update them when I feel like it, that's all there is to it. If you don't want to review me or anything, then I don't really care much. Of course, I always welcome them, but yeah.

This is a list of some that I'm working on;

Naruto/High School DxD crossover.

Naruto/Shingeki no Kyojin crossover.

And that's pretty much it for now. Steal-yo-Lunch out.



You must fill out EVERY question! No skipping!
Copy and paste this on your profile!


1. Perfect? Nope.
2. Tall? 6'1", no biggie.
3. In your pajamas? Nope.
4. Left handed? Ambidextrous.

5. White? I'm half polynesian, no.


1. Friend you saw: Sam.
3. Person to text you: William
4. Was today better than yesterday? Nope.


1. Number: 31
2. Color(s): Metallic Black.
3. Fruit: Tomato.
4. Place: Eh... Don't really have one.


1. Are you missing someone right now? Not anyone noteworthy.
2. Are you happy? Yeah, I suppose I'm a pretty up-beat guy.
3. Are you sad? Nah, I always try to find a humorous side to everything, which in turn, kinda' makes me a dick.
4. Are you bored? Eh..., 'Dunno.
6. Are you nervous? Nah, I'm always chilled.
8. Are you tired? Most of the time.


2. Nick names? None
3. Eye color? Deep blue.
4. Zodiac sign? Virgo.
5. Male or female? Male, of course.
6. Slut? Of course - I'm always workin' the streets, gurlfraand.
7. Smart? I'm... Passable.
8. Hair color? Black.
9. Long or short? Long, usually in a ponytail. Majestic as fuck.
10. Sweats or Jeans? Yuck, I can't stand anything that goes past my knees. Shorts for sure.
11. Phone or Camera? Phone.
12. Drink or Smoke? Drink with friends, none of that smoking shit, though.
13. Righty or lefty? Ambidextrous.


1. First best friend? Tj.
2. First crush? No no, it's the other way around. I'm fabulous.
3. First pet? Tito.
4. First big vacation? New Zealand..


1. Eating? Nothing.
2. Drinking? Water.
3. I'm about to: Finish this quiz, of course.
4. Listening to? Hardwell.

5. Plans for today? Eat, surf the interwebs, sleep and repeat.


1. Shorter or taller? The idea of my significant other being taller than me kinda' puts me off... I'm sorta' tall, so that doesn't happen very often.
2. Romantic or spontaneous? Spontaneous is pretty cool.
3. Sensitive or loud? Loud, definitely. I hate over sensitive girls.
4. Hook-up or relationship? Eh, that depends in how you define a 'hook-up'.


1. Drank bubbles? Nah, mane.
2. Lost glasses/contacts? Nope.
3. Ran away from home? Ha! Run away from the place that provides food, interwebs and a bed? No thanks.
4. Broken someone's heart? ONCE. But it was well deserved. She fucked with me, so I mind fucked her right back.
5. Been arrested? No. Gosh, I'm an Otaku; why would I do something that could possibly prevent me missing an anime episode?


1. Miracles? Nope. Whatever happens, happens.
2. Yourself? Ha, fuck no. I'm as reliable as America's government.
3. Heaven? Eh, I'm indifferent about all of that religious stuff. I don't fully believe in Science as much as I don't believe in God.
4. Santa Claus? Of course. Who else brings my gifts every year? Silly question.
4. Love? Yeah, people who don't just haven't experienced it yet.
5. Do you like someone? Not at the moment, no - female's are evil.
6. Do you believe in God? Refer to question 3.
7. Answered the truth on all questions? I have no reason to lie.


15/09/13: Guys, I thought it'd be best for me to come out and say this. I love swords. Okay? The sword is such a badass weapon and automatically makes any character an OG in my books. In my stories to come, the main characters will almost always be wielding a sword.

17/09/13: Guys, the next chapter for Bone Deep is probably going to be delayed by a little while. I've found myself hooked on GTA V. That is all.

23/09/13: Okay, I'm angry. ANGRY! DO YOU HEAR ME?! For 24 hours - 24 fucking hours - I was unable to access my own profile. I could read and search for stories, but whenever I tried viewing my profile to PM/write up chapters I received time-out errors. Has this happened to any one else? My experience with Fanfiction.net has so far been horrible.

14/10/13: Ah, I forgot to inform you guys; I'll be on hiatus for a little while. Not long, just until I finish Pokémon X&Y.

24/10/13: Hey, I'd just like to let everyone know that I took down my fic 'The Heat.' Whilst writing chapters, I found that it would be too hard to keep it as a single pairing. I'm going to rewrite and post it up sometime this week.

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