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Thanks for taking the time to read about me! c:


A bit about me (updated 4.17.2022):

My name is Jill(ian). I'm a 30-year-old English/Special education teacher. Last time I updated this, I was 24 and had my degree but wasn't teaching yet. Whack.

I'm into a variety of media (video games, anime/manga, comics, novels, K-dramas), but these are pretty much the only pairings that I've read fanfiction for in the past decade-plus:

Sesshoumaru/Kagome -- Inuyasha
Soujiro/Kaoru -- Rurouni Kenshin
Battousai/Kaoru -- Rurouni Kenshin

I also recently joined Dokuga, finally. I'm Jyurian on there as well.

JUNE 7th, 2021
I've been away for a very long time...again. I came back because I kept thinking about a number of fics that I never finished reading (Silver Cross (finished on 6.15.2021!); RosieB's stuff; Laying Amongst Dokatsu now that it's been getting updated again). Some of these were first published (and I started reading them) when I was twelve, and now I'm almost 30. It's crazy. I still think about parts of fanfics that I read that long ago--certain lines, writing styles, etc. all the time. This site was a huge part of my childhood and teen years, and I'll forever be grateful for it.

In other news, I honestly don't know why I removed my other stories years back. I really only remember Silver Strands, which I caught someone plagiarizing the first chapter of, but didn't report. But then for whatever reason, I deleted everything before I posted OO-BE. I wish I hadn't.

JULY 3RD, 2016
So it has, again, been many years since I've visited the site. I've mostly been working on original stuff since mid-highschool and throughout the seven years since I graduated, but none of it has really developed much. A few days ago, I randomly thought about a fic on here that I never finished, although I loved it (Aryanne's Silver Cross, a RuroKen fic), and I got the FF app on my phone to start reading it from the beginning. Hopefully I'll be around more often, likely just reading and not writing.

AUGUST 2ND, 2009
I really tend to come and go a lot. I was here nearly constantly three or four years ago, reading RuroKen fics like mad.
And then I disappeared for a while. And then I came back and became near obsessed with the SessKag pairing.
And then I disappeared again, for quite a long time. And here I am. Again.

(And now it's the 2nd of July, 2011, and I was gone for a good two years, with the exception of one very short stint of reading. Really into Harry Potter again.)

:FANFICTION STATUS: (Updated 2/10/10)

I'VE POSTED SOMETHING! I decided to try my hand at a fic again. Please check it out!
...I wonder if anyone even remembers me? xD

Anyway, Chapter Two of OO-BE will be up in about a week's time. (As of 6/21/11, it still hasn't been posted. ._.)
Also, the first chapter is rather sloppy, characterization wise, and probably seems a little rushed. The following chapters will go more into the characters and plot, and will move at a slower pace (but not so slow it's boring). I'm sure there are some questions as to why things moved as they did, and hopefully the next few chapters will clear them up.

Happy reading!

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