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Hey look, I finally updated again!

And I deleted stories?

I've only kept stories up for archive purposes or because I was still working on them, as I figured I should look back to them. But the thing is, I rarely look back at my previous stories. As in, maybe once or twice a year. So, why keep them? Part of it was also in case people came back to read them, but I figured mostly the OC submit fics were what kept people interested, so I kept those.

I still kept a couple around, whether I found them interesting, or because they truly were archived, as in, they're there for me to note how I've improved.

To be honest, it's also an issue of me wanting to look good. I don't want someone to read an old story of mine and figure that's the quality to expect from me.

The main functioning fics you'll find here that I'll still be updating, or at least that I recommend you read from my collection will be noted below:

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Linked Teams

(That's it.)

My quotes: People keep saying: Always go for originality! I say: Go for what you can write better.

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