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About 50 y/o bloke from Warsaw, Poland. Married, with child.

Order of Valdemar-verse Fruela series - Fruela, Suddenly there was a sob, Tutoring for court.

R&R can go anywhere. I think Runtherd should be read after Fruela.

I strive for my fics to be relatively canon compliant, consistent with the setting's geography and to be reasonably plausible. Unless it's a crack!fic!.

My fics have a tendency for the sarcastic and cynical, so be warned. I do get sappy on occasion too, though :)

I grant open license to ripp off my stuff or write stories based on my AUs or with my OCs. Or to continue those I had abandoned. Just tip me off so that I may read those stories. But not for sale! Good luck selling my drivel, BTW.

More verbose version of the above, nicked off Scribblesinink's profile and adapted:

Transformative Works Policy
All my stories can be used for further transformative work, including, but not limited to: translations, podfic, remixes, sequels, meta, reviews, and commentaries, under the following conditions: that the resulting work will be released under a similar policy and for non-commercial purposes only, and that the original work is and remains attributed to Queefqueen.

In other words: you don't have to ask in advance, but please do give me credit for what I've written or for the idea itself. I'd also appreciate a link to the resulting work(s).

PJ's Hobbit trilogy is shit

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