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Formerly Lil ol Gravity Falls

I'm far more active on Tumblr and have a blog dedicated to archiving my fanfiction.

This account is currently inactive, though may come back in the future. Rest assured I am still alive and have fond memories of my days on here.

I own Cashmere Gleeful. She is my OC who first appeared in my story "It runs in the family", but since then she's been quite popular and has been appearing in other people's stories.

My stories she's appeared in: It runs in the family, Chapters 8 and 12 of Mystery twins greatest adventures, Chapter 3 of Mean Girls of Gravity Falls, Sociopath and Psychopath

Other people's stories she's appeared in: Silent Wood Manor: Curiosity kills, Get out alive! and Family findings by GravityFallsgirl22, Gravity Falls games by both of us, Luna Gleeful, chapter 5 of Gravity Falls Songfics both by Anna10327, Chapters 30 , 31 and 34 of Always by your side by Alisi Thorndyke. From chapter 5 onwards of It's in the making , Chapters 10 and mention in chapter 13 of "If only" and Why does it run in the family? (An It runs in the family spin off fic) and Taaqat Kare Ga Badikhlaaq, absolutely by Mulzypops.

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