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So you've discovered the bio


So this is my bio

Wanna know stuff?

Here's the Q&A section:

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What do I write?

What I like

Obvious, right

There's a list down below on what I like to write about, check it out


You want to share ideas, {roleplay}, or just talk about life, PM me (If you need someone to talk to, really just talk, then please PM, I hate suicide and people thinking about suicide. Actually, reword that, thoughts about suicide, not people who think about it, the thoughts I hate.)

Oh, very important

You've never met anyone quite like me

If you have, I'd like to meet them

So, carry on reading

My Info


-Transformers IDW (MTMTE, RID/Transformers)
-Star Wars: The Old Republic (KOTOR, KOTOR II, and TOR)
-Familiar of Zero
-Percy Jackson and the Olympians
-Fairy Tail
-Last of Us
-Mass Effect
-Assassin's Creed
-Artemis Fowl
-Attack On Titan
-Storm Hawks
-Gears of War
-God of War
-Jurrasic Park
-Doctor Who


-Whinny Imbeciles
-Evil (Most of the time)

Important- Search my Polls to choose my next story.
If I don't have a poll, don't worry


This is a memorial to the man who brought many of us to fight on against life

Mounty Oum


Philosophy- "Life is a monument to us, God measures it for are life expectancy, but we make the designs for are choices and every sin becomes a mistake in its architecture."

Joke Time

The reason of why history seems to repeat itself. God loves to press the rewind button on his VCR to teach us a lesson.

(Meaning I threaten you if you do evil deeds)

Bully kids = I destroy you

Hate me and my work = I hate you and your work

Cheat on your girlfriend/boyfriend = I curse you
(Trust me, its real)
(I tried it on my friend and ironically he discovered his girlfriend cheating on him)

Hate or abuse your parents = Make an appointment for you with the devil


Please note that this is all on based on the idea that most people are inconsiderate or arrogant people

If you're abused, have bad experiences, or doing something on accident

Don't worry about it

God'll forgive you
(P.S.- Don't listen to hardcore Christians for reasons only I truly understand. I'm a Christian myself, but my own philosophies paint me a greater picture)

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