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Story Ideas and Sketches:

Slender Rise: Origins of slender man: A certified paranormal investigator and her team are called onto the biggest case of their career, a small town in California that had previously reported missing persons for the last fifty years drops all contact with the outside world for a week. The National Guard responds to the last phone call received only to discover the town is abandoned and there is no sign of struggle. Paranormal events quickly escalate and now the team of investigators must discover the source of these events as they are slowly picked off one by one. (Elements of silent hill but primarily a Slender man Origin story)

Demon High: A not twilight-is story about a high school teen dealing with everyday life problems until a near death experience unlocks his demon heritage and he discovers the wider world of the occult still exists. (Bloody and fun action with some drama but none of that antagonizing pretentiousness that is the entire twilight series.)


Stories In Progress:

1 Return of the Old Ways, Destiny of A True Sorcerer ( Dark Harry Potter)

Cursed by a misinterpreted prophecy, the one destiny chose to walk the edge of darkness and light, his mother sacrifice game him renewed life, and left him a legacy to fulfill. Locked away by a two faced wizard, the so called “Leader of the light” left him to be beaten, abused and broken on the brink of death. Harry Potter, the “Chosen One” the “Boy-Who-Lived” must overcome and master the hate and bitter emptiness in his heart while facing oppression, lies and betrayal from all sides his cold merciless hate will not be denied, his bloodlust for those that wronged him will not be quenched . Awakening the old ways of magic Harry will stop at nothing until the corrupt and backwater magical world is burned to ash and those oppressed for centuries rise again and unite once more.

2 The Supreme Ninja Hunter (Monster Hunter and Naruto Crossover)

In a universe no so different from the hundreds of others depicted in the Naruto-Multiverse a hero was born, but in this world, four small and simple differences would define the entire future, which in a single moment and in a single decision cast by two men changed the world forever. In this world in a land that covers what is our present day China and Japan, there was a certain village called Konohagakure, which literally translates to “The Village Hidden in the Leaves.” The history behind this village’s founding led one man to seek revenge on what he deemed was taken from him and influence another as his proxy, other than that its history is not so important. What is important is what happened because of these men, Madara Uchiha his student, who assumed Madara’s name in his death; he would unknowingly connect the bridge between two worlds and create something new. While many different accounts vary the precise story of this man, in this regard we will know him by his alias until he reveals himself, a name and personality he wears like his orange spiral mask, otherwise known as Tobi. Now in the village of Konoha a very special thing was about to occur, the story of angst, abandonment, love, hurt and redemption would begin with the birth of two children, and although they would both be special in their own right, it is Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto who would grow up to become a legend and change the world for the better.

3 Dark Goddess of the Nine Gates (Female Naruto)

Her Fathers’ last wish was that she be declared a hero of Konohagakure, but his beloved village turned their backs on his wish, turned their backs on the Will Of Fire, and turned their hate to his precious little girl. Born with blood red hair, tiny fox ears and a tail Naruko Uzumaki Namikaze was seen as the Demon kyuubi no kitsune reformed. Found outside the village at the age of one by Sarutobi she was placed in the orphanage and left caged in the cellar like an animal until eventually she was kicked out at the age of six. While living on the streets she learns of the cruelties of both the ninja and mankind, her only saving grace is the pretty Hyuuga heiress that has fed her and aided her and the Snake Sannins’s apprentice Anko who watches over and protects her and teacher her when able. The brief tranquility in Naruko’s life did not last forever, on her seventh birthday the villagers had finally had enough. She was captured, tortured, raped and finally burned alive while her protector’s were led astray. But this awakened a darkness inside her soul, an entity vastly more powerful than the one she contained, a bloodline never before seen, the awakening of a vengeful goddess of death and destruction. The Dark Goddess of the Nine Gates, Jinchūriki of the void.

4 Natsu Vs The World (Modern Fairy Tail)

The year is 2017 and Natsu tries to deal with everyday life as an orphaned and lonely teen living in the slums of the big city. Eventually his father's past finally caught up to them and Natsu lost his father, his only heirlooms- a scarf and a cryptic Flash drive remain. Growing up as a problem child he was kicked out of the streets after to many unexplainable fires were caused around him and he was diagnosed with pyromaniac tendencies, though he never got burned. His life seems to be going his way when one incident changes everything. Now in hiding from the a mysterious Corporation that seems hell bent on his capture and having to master his newly discovered powers over fire as well as attend Fairy Tail High, will Natsu discover why he is hunted, what happened to his father, and why the MC Corporation’s at the root of it all?

5 Prototype 3 (with some crossover from Crysis 1-3)

Rei Nariko. Japanese descent, third generation virus carrier, youngest person to carry the third iteration of the same Virus that created Elizabeth Green, Alex Mercer, and James Heller it is known as the Ultraviolet Virus. With no memory of her past she grows up with Heller as her father figure while living in the United States with no knowledge of her powers. She is quiet and reserved, but smart and artistic; she struggles to fit in but is constantly bullied. Then her life is flipped upside down when her powers manifest and she and Heller are attacked, her father is captured by the government and Nariko discovers the history of her powers, as well as how deep Blackwatch and Gentek go. Will she be able to stop them in time to prevent their coup on the U.S., or will she fail and watch as America splits itself apart?


Abandoned Until Further Notice:

(If you want to continue it ask me in a pm and include me in the credits please)

Darker Fairy Tail story:

The Guild is devastated at the death of Lisanna, and even more so at the disappearance of Natsu, two years go by with no word about the pink haired mage, and by now most in Fairy Tail believe him to have died, lost in the wilds with a shattered heart and a broken soul. But when Natsu returns two years later he is a changed man, will he be able to fit back in, or will his darker side prevail?


Completed Stories:

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