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A little bit about myself...

I am a Hardcore NCIS fan, and in a lot a ways I can identify with the show. I'm retired Military, a 20 year plus Army Senior NCO. I got out at the pay grade of E-7, title of Sergeant First Class. This is the same grade as Gibbs, except in the Corp, his title was Gunnery Sergeant, Gunny for short. Unfortunately, I also share a couple of failed Marriages like Gibbs. A career in the Military, especially with multiple overseas tours generally is not conducive to a happy married life...

I have a life long love of Movies and TV. Unlike DiNozzo, I am also a voracious reader.

Nowadays, I work within the Corporate World of Security. Private Investigations and Executive Protection are a couple of my specialties. I rub shoulders with a variety of Law Enforcement on Federal, State and Local levels, Military (including Special Ops), as well as many others like myself on a regular basis. In many ways, I actually do for a living what a lot of the Authors here at NCIS Fan Fiction attempt to write about. Besides performing the duties, I am qualified and State Certified to teach these areas to Private Security Professionals. I am also a State and National Rifle Association Certified Firearms Instructor, so I have actual real world experience with many of the firearms referenced on both the show and in many of the fictions here.


Well, it's not to write. Although I will admit I have a few stories bouncing around the old noggin, most of my writing is taken up with field and case reports and lesson plans. No, I found myself here in the name of research. While I've always known there was a credibility gap between the world of entertainment and reality, recent years have shown me an incredible disconnect on the part of the general populace and just how great the influence of Pop Culture has been and how it has skewed the public's perception on what I do for a living. I use the results of my findings in my classes to help teach my fellow Professionals on how to bridge the communication gap with clients and other non-industry people whose concepts of our roles, responsibilities, and capabilities have been shaped by Hollywood. A prime example this was related to me by a fellow P.I. His listed rates are $75/hr. He was approached by a woman for a potential Domestic Case. She wanted to determine if her spouse was cheating. She wanted to pay a total of $87. Because of her exposure to TV and the almost instant gratification of every case being solved in a hour, including commercial breaks, she couldn't grasp that it was a $2000 retainer, and required a minimum of two investigators at least 48 billable hours, and that was still no guarantee of success...

While, my mustache is quite nice, it is now where near as impressive as Tom Selleck's, I do NOT drive a Ferrari or live in a Beach House, nor do I have access to a helicopter whenever I want. Sadly, the Reality often pales in comparison to the Fantasy.

Meanwhile, I do try to point some of the authors here in the right direction to at least try to make their stories more believable. I do understand that this is fiction here, however if you are open to suggestion and would like some help and understand that I do have a fairly hectic life and make take a little to get back to you, I am more than willing to help...

BTW, acrwdof1 stands for A Crowd Of One. That was my old business name when I actually worked in the Independent Film Industry for a couple of years as a Custom Costumer, Leather Worker and Prop Maker.


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