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I love The Walking Dead. At this point it is the only fandom I write for (but that will be changing soon, I think). I ship Caryl (but I have other loves too - time and tide will tell).

A little about me: I own a bookstore; I have two little ones under the age of five; I love to create things, especially if yarn is involved, I spend way too much time role playing.

I am on tumblr and twitter if you want to follow me there - zenofbeingmommy at both

The Walking Dead and all identifiable characters and situations are not mine. This writing is purely for entertainment purposes.

WIP (Works In Progress)

updated 5.10.13- The Shipyard - formerly Caryl Drabbles - short moments not long enough to be one-shots, collected in one story as chapters (features a set called Keeping Watch)

updated 2.4.14 - The Dream Messenger - I've been obsessing about Shane lately, and I had this great idea for a story - I was going to make it a one-shot, but I've already got 6k words and I am no where near the end. It will be an AU because it explores events that happen as if Shane did not die back on the farm. I assure though, at the core it is a Caryl - I kind of know the direction is going, but it is already surprising me - 2.4.14 - ch 15 is up, updates as the muses are firing


4.11.13 - Hands For More Than Holding

6.30.13 - Love In An Elevator

Thanks for reading!


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