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2020 -


Name - Doesn't matter

Likes - Hanging with friends, solid fics, basking in creative works that are visually impressive or that have a passion behind them

Dislikes - Not feeling alive, people who lack decency and/or empathy

Dream - To be immortal

Goal - To make a sustainable income off of my creative endeavours

I'm here to read and have a good time, and I'm all out of good times.



Name Anything to be honest, I don't really care

Likes Being a Hermit

Dislikes Boredom, racists, homophobes, snobs, Trump, Clinton, etc

Dream Immortality

Goal, Cause let's be realistic here, To be alive

I really want to start writing up some stories but I just don't have the drive to at the moment

Feelings toward Volume 3 Chapter 12 of RWBY R.I.P Arkos, for the time you sailed you were beautiful, terribly written in retrospect but beautiful none the less :')

song for the ship burning: Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World

song to help (kinda): TheFatRat Never Be Alone

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