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Hello Everyone,

I am a 28 year old woman and I live in New York City. I love to write, but like many others, COVID has taken its toll in my life so I am on hiatus. i hope to return again to my remaining stories sometime soon.

Writing is a passion of mine and I love posting my fics because I love sharing stories with others in the fandom. However, please refrain from providing critique of my writing style and grammar. I am not looking to improve my writing. I am simply contributing to the fandom. I already have a beta, and as I am not a professional, those types of comments are more discouraging than anything else. If you disagree, feel free to read someone else's works.

Other random facts about me, I am an immigrant and I have lived in multiple countries growing up, I am also multilingual but I prefer writing in English. My favorite animals are cats, wolves, and elephants. I listen to most any music, and read most anything I can get my hands on - whether that be a book or manga. I am a sucker for romance, but if there's no plot, I'm not likely to get pulled in. It takes all the emotion out of it, which is my favorite part! Well, that's all for my random babbling. Thank you for visiting my page, and I hope you enjoy my work!



PS: I also have a Tumblr Account AND an Archive of Our Own Account @Satyrykal, so feel free to follow me! https:///

PSS: If you'd like to see some inspiration boards for my fics, check out my pinterest account @Satyrykal https:///satyrykal/


Wendy (16), Shelia (17), Lucy (21), Levy (21), Lisanna (21), Juvia (22), Natsu (22), Gray (22), Elfman (22), Evergreen (23), Yukino (23), Erza (23), Mira (23), Cana (23), Meredy (23), Sting (24), Rogue (24), Gajeel (25), Laxus (26), Freed (26), Minerva (26), Lyon (27), Jellal (29)



Boiling Point - Fairy Tail - Nalu - Lucy and Natsu have known each other for years, facing crisis after crisis as the bond between them grew stronger. With the fall of Alvarez, life has finally begun to settle down and there's no impending doom to distract them from how much they've changed. When bottled up feelings no longer have an excuse to hide, it's only a matter of time before they reach their boiling point. Post-Alvarez Resolution Fic.

Departure - Natsu has been by her side for years - her faithful guard and the man she was never supposed to fall in love with. Lucy is bound by duty and custom, promised to another - yearning for freedom outside the confines of her grandfather’s court. So when the drums of war throw the kingdom into disarray, they make their move – consequences be damned. Star-crossed Lovers Fantasy AU.

Sugar, Spice, and All Things Ice - Fairy Tail - Gratsulu - A collection of interconnected snap-shots in an alternate canon-verse starring Lucy, Natsu, and Gray. It goes through their lives as they come together and grow into a family, overcoming their demons as they carve a new future. Post-Alvarez AU Pairing.


The Edge - Fairy Tail - Nalu - For as long as Lucy can remember, she had been warned about the Others who lived beyond the Edge. Dark and fearsome creatures, the Others are able to enthrall anyone foolish enough to approach them. Then one night, when such a man is dragged beaten and bloodied before her, she can't help but forgo the warnings. Dark AU based on Beauty & the Beast. (HIATUS)

Helix - As their nation is threatened by outside forces, a soldier and a spy make a reluctant alliance when they are discovered to be a helix pair. A hex mutation in their genetic code gives them the ability to harness untapped potential - but it requires synchronization with a compatible partner. Unfortunately, working together was more than either of them bargained for. Enemies to Lovers Sci-fi Future AU. (HIATUS)

Miraculous - Fairy Tail - Nalu - In the daytime, Natsu was the rambunctious son of a mechanic while Lucy was the elegant daughter of a world class art curator. She was in love, but he was oblivious. At night, they donned their masks - fighting side by side to protect the streets of Magnolia. He was crazy for her, but she rebuked his advances. They were best friends. They were strangers. They were Lady Bug and Chat Noir. Super Hero Crossover AU. (HIATUS)

Once Upon A Dream - In a world where soulmates can manifest in each other's dreams, Lucy has known her other half her entire life. He appeared in her fantasies as a child, a figure blanketed in shadows but she'd never seen his face. However, visions are seldom what they seem - and when she finally meets him in person, she realizes his eyes hold a familiar gleam. Modern Soulmate AU. (HIATUS)

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