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Hi, HappyCamper here. Clearly, you're on my profile page, so please take your time, enjoy the stories, and drop a review.

Also, just to save some space in my fics: I do not own anything, in any fandom that I write. Unless explicitly stated, you can assume that everything I write is simply a twisted version of a fandom (or fandoms), shaken together with a good dollop of morbid curiosity, a ladleful of inspiration, and a generous drop of amused sadism to get what you may or may not read here that has been written by me. If I reference something that is real, such as a book series, tv show, or otherwise, the creators will be credited with it and the reference will be named in the A/N at the end of a chapter.

(Por esperantistoj, mia esperanto konto estas ĉi tie.)

(My Youtube can be found here)

(You can also find me on Twitter here.)

(I can now also be found on AO3 by the name HappyCamper27)

NOTE (17/10/2015): For whatever reason, won't let me upload documents so I can update. I do have chapters ready in advance for you guys, but until I can figure out why I can't upload docs, or I suddenly find out that I can upload them through some sorcery, I will likely be updating on my AO3 account. So, if I'm taking a while to update some of my fics, it's not for lack of chapters (in some cases). It's simply for lack of ability to update.

EDIT(19/5/2016): Okay. So, I probably should have done this earlier, but RL has been kicking my butt. Several updates:

First, I have no idea how to fix the no-uploading for the docs. I just don't know. i messaged the site months ago and they still haven't gotten back to me. _ for the moment, I'm updating on my AO3 account, and the currently being updated (if slowly) stories are The Winds of Change, you'll come back (series, better days are near is completed and part of it), and Some Things Just Aren't Meant to Be. I'm under the same name on AO3, so feel free to find me there.

Secondly: Several of the stories here--particularly Seer of the Varia and my older ones, were all my first fanfics. Now, I look back on them and cringe at just how bad they were. So! They are, for the moment, discontinued. I will come back and rewrite them. Properly. All of the ones that are discontinued will have (Discontinued) in the summary. I know, it's kind of sad, but I would rather rewrite them when I have time to actually make them good than to continue with something that feels, to me, like crap.

EDIT (12/28/2016): Okay so apparently my ability to update fics has been restored--only it's not on my usual browser (Safari), but on Chrome. *sigh*

Anyway, now that I know that, I can start catching up a bunch of these fics with what I have on my AO3 account, which will probably remain my main account for the time being. After they're caught up though, I can't promise anything written soon; I'm working on an original novel and prepping for college, so free time is in short supply. In other news, the stuff on AO3 is so much farther along, you guys should have once a week updates on one fic per week for a good while (so the recent mass update is a once in a long time thing; don't get used to it).

Let's just applaud the fact that I can once again upload. *claps*

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