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I am a Walking Dead fanatic. I never planned on doing anything else here, but reading fanfic centered on Daryl and Carol, whether it be friendship or a heck of a lot more. One hundred percent Caryl shipper. I really wanted to just be anonymous in this fandom, but since I actually got so darn angry that I wrote a ficlet in the middle of the night, when I should have been asleep, because I have a more than full time job, family of my own, and extended family members that I have to take care of, what a run on sentence right right, that I lost my mind and typed like a mad fool for 15min. and published it to the site with flaws and all, I decided I should put a little something in my profile. lol

I love several TV shows and movies, but nothing has ever captured my imagination as Btvs or TWD. I don't know if I will ever write anything else, since I am not one of the truly talented and I have no time. If I do write something I like, I will post in hopes a few will enjoy.



I thought of something while trying to go to sleep last night and decided I needed to add it to my profile. If/When I do write something and publish it here, it will probably never be longer than a short story. I thrive on emotions when it comes to writing, whether it be anger, hate, happiness, joy, lust, or love, and that only works with short pieces for me. Also, I really do not have much time and trying to write long fics doesn't work out well when I can't sit down and type for hours.

I would like to thank all of those who do read my short pieces of writing. It makes my day so much brighter.


So I’ve noticed a lot of Caryl authors lately bemoaning about the writers of the show. Don’t take this wrong, but I’m here to tell you most writers of TV can’t see the trees through the forest. They are inconsistent and most of the time down right idiotic. They try to do anything they think might work to gain more fans and only cause a lot of angst and anger in their current fans. They will write all kinds of horrible things and personally, I never expected them to give me Caryl on the show. I can’t predict what they will come up with for Carol and Daryl, but that is what fanfic is for! I have been a fanfic writer for over 10 years and I was/am a fan of another couple that got crapped upon by writers. That fandom is still going strong many, many years after the show went off the air. They still have fanfic websites devoted to that ship. Fanfic writers do not have to stay in some “cannon” box and rewrite scenes or episodes in which our favorite couple appear. We do not have to write just what the TV writers dictate. We can write even if they kill off one of our beloved. We are here because we have imagination and we love our ship. I have never claimed to be talented or prolific in the writing department, but I will always write whatever pops into my head and other Caryl shippers much more talented than I should too. Don’t let what happens on the show stop you from imagining your favorite couple in whatever way you want. Just write what you love.


I normally would never do this, but well…a good person is being crushed by the weight of a few irrational people. It has come to my attention that my favorite author in this fandom is planning to leave. Not because she no longer has ideas to write, or doesn’t love her favorite ship anymore. No, it has to do with maliciousness inside the fandom itself. It is idiotic and immature to bash another’s ship. There is truly no reason for it, just don’t read what you don’t like. Simple…easy peasy. There is no reason for hate filled words. There are a few pairings I don’t care for, but would never begrudge someone else’s love for that pairing. That just means we are individuals with separate brains, likes, and dislikes. Celebrate the diversity people. Don’t rip it to shreds. Love thy neighbor, and if you can’t, stay the heck off their lawn. Anymore euphemisms you would like?

Just be civil folks. If you don’t like a pairing or the way someone writes, ignore them/it. Keep off their property and they will keep off yours. Heck, I’m the type to read many different pairings, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few that make me shudder. I don’t even open a fic up if that is the pairing. I don’t troll looking for things to bash. I try not to be rude to others and I never bash an actor just because their character is written a certain way. IT’S TV. The writers are going for shock value more than anything else because that brings in the ratings. Don’t bash fanfic, don’t bash the authors of fanfic, and don’t bash the actors because you don’t like what their character does. Live and let live. Leave well enough alone. Don’t worry…be happy. Is that enough euphemisms yet?

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