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My pen name is Sarahamanda Klaine and my real name is Amanda. My birthday is August 15. I'm 32 year old and like read fanfic. I have a learning disability that I had to work with all my life. I'm good with numbers, but not so good with words. I can read books and other things,but I have to work on on it and I can write with some help and if I work on it writer on by myself sometime.

I'm writer Harry Fanfic now and put it one this wedsite. I like Harry and Ginny together and Ron and Hermione together. I like all the Harry Potter books. I make things with bead sometime and do craft. I like the princessDiaries movie. I read the Ella Enchanted book and I saw the Ella Enchanted movie too. I like the Ella Echanted Book and The Movie. Harry Potter Harry/Ginny forever Ron/Hermione forever Luna/Neville forever Lily/James Potter Forever I think Severus Snape was a good after Deathly Hallow. Twilight Bella/Edward forever I like glee TV Show. I love reading glee Fanfiction. Klaine Forever

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