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About hisnhers...

I may send out a HEAR, (Howling Enthusiastic Approval Review.) Well, I thought that was funny...

Smile! It will make Professor Snape wonder what you're up to!

Be sure to check out hisnhers fav fics and authors.

I do not condone everything that occurs in another author's stories therefore, please read carefully. I may have fav'd an author for a few of their fics, but not necessarily all of their fics.

Some fav fics may have some bad language. I'm not a fan of intensely foul language, but some favs may have it once or twice.

No fav fic should curse God's Name.

No fav fic should have explicit sex scenes, only allusions to sex or sexuality.

If, somehow, I missed anything I say isn't in a fav fic, Please let me know so I can remove that fic from my list.



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