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MKDemiGodzilla-Warrior PM
Joined Mar '13

Real Name: Jackson

Codename: MKDemiGodzilla-Warrior , formally known as MKDemigodZ-Warrior and MkFreakX

Gender: Male

Age: Secret

Nationality: Asian American

Relationship status: Single, but not interested in a relationship.

Sexuality: Straight

My main fictional occupations most of the day: Being a demigod son of Athena from Camp Half-Blood, a Quarter Saiyan Hybrid Z-fighter defending the Earth from evil guys/aliens, a young Jiang Jun fighting the Order of Horkos in Heathmoor, and a kombatant of the forces of light fighting for saving the realms from the forces of darkness.


1. History (aka the only interesting subject in school, at least to me)

2. the Mortal Kombat series, for the most part.

3. For Honor

4. Epic Rap Battles of History

5. Death Battle

6. This website


1. Being bored

2. Being annoyed

2.5. Spamming messages

3. Yaoi/Yuri stories, especially the lemon ones, but there are exceptions. For example, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus stories (since NicoxWill is canon), Legend of Korra (since KorraxAsami is canon) and Mortal Kombat (since Kung Jin is gay, but he doesn't have an official pairing).

4. Any Mary/Gary Sues characters (which is why I hate Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, and any fanfiction stories with those characters or self inserted OC characters with too much power on their belts)

5. smoking and smokers (I don't want cancer)

5.5. any type of illegal drugs (because that's against the law.)

6. anything that has to do with beer or any other alcohol beverage

6.5. drunk driving

7. People arguing for or about stupid and petty things (Gosh, it gets really annoying and irritating sometimes.)

8. Authors discontinuing their stories for no apparent reason, at least until they clarify why that's the case.

Favorite games:

1. The main Mortal Kombat least not as much in regards to Mortal Kombat 11 and the Aftermath expansion as I have some problems with its story mode.

2. For Honor (despite that I don't own a copy nor played the game, but it looks cool and I do like the concept of Knights vs Samurai vs Vikings, especially since the inclusion of the Chinese faction and the new heroes for each factions.)

Favorite books:

1. Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Hobbit

2. Rick Riordan's books series(including Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, the Heroes of Olympus Series, the Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard book series, the Trials of Apollo, and whatever other mythology series he's going to do).

3. Selected Fanfic stories by some authors on this website(I suggest you read their stories!). For more, just go see my favorite Authors list.

Favorite Movies and TV series:

1. Deadliest Warrior (despite its flaws, it is still a good show and it makes for great fanfiction stories and potential match-ups)

2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit Trilogy

3. Kamen Rider (have been recently watching the show again after like 4 years of not watching it, even it does kind of suck in some areas)

4. Power Rangers/Super Sentai (again, has been a long while since I watched them, and a good thing too since I have heard the series that I had missed were pretty bad, but at least it's getting good varying degrees.)

5. Red vs Blue (Yeah, it's technically a web series, but I might as well put it in this category, so I'll include it in here.)

Favorite Anime:

1. the Dragonball Series and its movies (especially the abridged versions by TeamFourStar)

2. One Punch Man (since it's pretty similar to Dragonball)

3. Avatar the Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra (well, I call it an anime at least. I know it's not technically an anime, but it is anime-inspired, so I'm counting it).

MK Characters I hate:

1. Quan Chi (the Mk9 story mode, 'nuff said (I'm glad he died in MKX, though I kind of wish it was after every revenant was revived)

2. D'Vorah (Seriously, why is she the go-to character to axed off other characters? Are the Kytinn going to be a major villain group in the future?)

3. Kollector(While I like the concept of his race, he's basically just replaced Baraka as the jobber henchman in MK11 and doesn't really have much to go for him other than he collects taxes for Shao Khan).

4. Meat, mostly because he's kind of a pointless character. I mean, even Chameleon and Khameleon had a better role in the story than Meat.

5. Shijinko (stole everyone's moves set and caused Onaga to least in the original timeline. Not real sure what his role is in the new timeline, if he has any).

6. Mokap...but he may work if they give him a better backstory and costume.

7. Shao Kahn (too freaking hard to beat, though MK11 does make him a bit more bearable.)

Favorite MK pairings:

1. Lui Kang x Kitana (it's canon, especially with the base MK11 story mode best ending. I hope it still happens despite what happened in Aftermath.)

2. Johnny Cage x Sonya Blade (it's canon and since MKX, I have really became a hardcore fan of the pairing (also because I really hate how they just killed Sonya off in the MK11 story mode, despite the fact that they literally had a way to bring her back (you know, with time reversal and all), and I don't know why they never thought of that in the story mode... Making me wonder if the creators also agreed that Ronda wasn't that great of a voice actress...)

3. Takeda x Jacqui (it's canon and I really don't get why they didn't continue it in MK11. Like seriously, had Takeda been in MK11, the plotline for Jacqui and Jax really didn't need to happen if you think about it or Scorpion wouldn't have died.)

4. Kenshi x Suchin (it's canon)

5. Jax x Vera (it's canon (RIP Vera, which really sucks how they just toss her out of the story for no apparent reason)...but the explanation in MK11 doesn't seem right as from MK9 and MKX (both the game and comics), these two seem to been in a relationship for a much longer period of time, but in MK11, they state that they meet after Jax was revived, which doesn't make sense in a relationship, Jacqui's age wouldn't add up either, so I have no idea why they portray it like that.)

6. Sub-Zero (both Bi Han and Kuai Liang, but it depends on the story and time) x Sareena (it's implied, sort of...I'm not real sure actually)

7. Jade x Kung Lao (similar to why they did Lui KangxKitana)

8. Tanya x Mileena (Thank The4thsnake and some others into liking this pairing. It's too bad they killed off Mileena though. I would have like to see how things would have turn out. Also a bit of a disappointment that Tanya wasn't in MK11 (I'm presuming either she's rotting in Kotal Khan's prison or out in the wilderness with Rain. Oh well...guess it doesn't really matter considering the ending of MK11.)

9. Reptile x Khameleon (same species considering that they are the last of their species after all...unless Chameleon is also canon; it's a bit confusing to say the least.)

10. Raiden x Ashrah (not real sure why I like this pairing. I just do. Guess you can thank Super-Silent-K.)

11. Erron Black x Skarlet (I've no real reason for liking this pairing, but I think it's interesting.)

12. Reiko x Tanya and Rain x Tanya (all three of them traitors of Shao Khan).

Favorite Kamen Riders: Stronger, Super-1, Black RX, J, Dragon Knight (not Ryuki) and the other Venturian Riders, Decade, Diend, W/Double, Accel, OOOs, both Births, Aqua, Fourze, Meteor, Wizard, Beast, the other Mage Riders, Gaim (all hail our lord and savior, Fruit Jesus!), Drive, Mach, Chaser, Ex-Aid and the other Doctor Riders, Build and Ryuga, Shinobi and the other Ninja Riders, minus Hattori, Zero One (Iwae the new era!) and the other riders from Zero One (don't really know what they would be called to be honest), and Saber and the swordsmen of the Swords of Logos (although I do think the very long transformation sequences are a bit much).

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