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I am 13 years old otaku girl from finland, and I love reading fanfiction.

My favourite animes are Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Strawberry panic, Loveless, Rozen maiden and Junjou romantica, but here are many other favourites too.

I love japanese music, especially J-rock. My favourite bands are An Cafe and Seremedy.

I dress up like harajuku kei, or oshare kei, and my clothes usually show what kind i am. So, I have no many friends, but these few I have, I really love!

Like you see, english is NOT my language, my language is finnish. So, I read fanfics in english, but write only in finnish, sorry about that...

Maybe in two or three years I will learn good english, and I can write in englsh too.

But hey, I love sasunaru yaoi fanfics, and if you puplish some in english, you will be sure I am gonna read it!

ps. When I read/ review your fics with my phone, my name is still "Ennu", but I am not login on my account.

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