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Welcome to my bio! I thank you all in advance to those who take the time to read my stories along with reviewing, favoriting, and following. Sometimes I forget to say it in my author's notes because I'm arrogant like that(not really, just forgetful). Okay, so real quick, i would like to mention a couple things that should be mentioned about my fanfiction writing.

1. I can set goals, but I will not make promises. I deal with too many deadlines enough as it is and I don't want my free time tarnished with them as well. Too stressful. Not good for the soul. So if I set a goal as to when the next chapter will come out or any sort of story, don't be surprised if it comes out like four months later. I know, I hate waiting too, but I would rather take the extension to make sure the chapter/story is done in full.

2. Although I love to write, I keep myself from making progress most of the time. Along with family, social and school obligations (which are time consuming), I also tend to get distracted very easily, I let my laziness get the better of me, and I constantly get stuck in my writing. As far as distractions go, well...videogames to play,novels to read, a brother to entertain, a chinchilla to dote on, and LOTS of anime to watch and manga to read. I mean really, after I finished chapter 10 of Love Sick, I set out to watch Blood Plus, Hellsing, RomeoXJuliet, Skip Beat!, and Death Note. And then there's the laziness. I'd be sitting on the couch with nothing to watch except for Uncle Grandpa (gosh...this show just...) and Love Sick would be on my mind. Yet my body says "Meh". But my brain is even worse. I get stuck with words, scenes, dialogue, and names. There was a time when it took me a week to remember the term "outnumbered" and in place of it, all that popped into my head was "over much" or "too many people". It was bad. So please forgive my incompetence.

3. When it comes to the topic of "lovey dovey", "cute", or "romantic", I am a failure at the concept. I have been asked out before (3 times. Actually, one happened in a tree at sunset. That was kinda cute right?) and just recently, I now know what it's like to be "checked out" by someone. It had been by five neighborhood community service workers...who were at most 35. However, I do look mature for my age. Besides those forms of romance, I'm pretty clueless. What I write is what I learned from reading other novels and fanfiction, movies, and my school (seriously, my school is the pinnacle of cliche). I apologize with any inaccuracies in the past, present, or future. I know how to spot those Y chromosome eye candies, just not how to act on it.

With that said, I hope you enjoy my stories and you are free to PM me with any questions. Personal info is down below if you want to know more about yours truly.

Favorite color: I have two. The first being aquamarine the second being lime green

Favorite food: I have a startling obsession with mashed potatoes. You can either make them really healthy or really yummy

Favorite sport:Tennis. I got on the JV tennis team this year and ended my season with third place at Conference. YAY

Favorite subject: It is dolphinately English. Biology/science is a close second.

Future Career: I'm hoping to become a veterinarian or a nurse at an animal hospital because my three cats and my chinchilla are my life.

Favorite anime: Okay, so in the future I will have a top ten, but I only have 6(7 as of 6/21/2014) so far. But I will name them (no particular order yet)

Ouran Highschool Host Club



Blood Plus

Black Butler

Kaichou wa Maid Sama!

Skip Beat! (Update: 6/21/2014)

Favorite character(s): OH jeez. Okay, let's change it to the ones I talk about the most

Kyoya Ootori (OHSHC)

Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

L (Death Note)

Stein (Soul Eater)

Kyoko Mogami (Skip Beat!)

Erza Scarlett (Fairy Tail)

Sasha Braus ( SNK)

How I found anime: Technically, I was watching Dragon Ball Z and Avatar: The Last Airbender before it really clicked in my mind that this was anime. However, my brother was at a sleepover one weekend and I got bored. So I decided to hook up the Netflix. After browsing for a while, I came across the anime category and my curiosity was piqued (

That's about it! Happy Reading

*During my time (more or less) writing chapter 12 of Love Sick, I've had waves of other ideas wash over me. I have a new Ouran story planned along with some Skip Beat! ones and a XxxHolic fic that I'm really excited for. Though of course it all depends on EVERYTHING IN THIS FLUPPING UNIVERSE...so time, homework, school, HOLIDAYS, and just laziness to be honest. We'll see what happens but I HOPE to get a lot done. (11/19/14)*

*Well it's only been about a little less than a year from that last update up there hue hue. That's way too long. However, I had continued to write in my spare time (and actually managed to publish a small Skip Beat! fanfic). I also have one chapter of another Skip Beat! chapter story I'm entertaining; I'm just going to wait until the second chapter is ready as well before publishing it. (11/6/15)*

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