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Hi :)

You can call me Raina, though I'm open to nicknames. :) I've tried nicknaming myself a number of times on this site, but I'm not thrilled at what I came up with, so yeah XD

About Me- I'm a 5feet3 teenage girl, living in Calcutta. It's a huge, hot city in India and I love it. The people here are really friendly, land the street food is phenomenal, and though it's not the cleanest of places, it's beautiful during the festivals. It's called the City of Joy, and it's colourful and bustling and basically a crowded happy place.

I was born in Köln, in Germany, and came back to India after two years there.

My hair's dark brown and it's till right below my chin, and I have bangs. Brown skin (duh) and eyes too (sigh). No siblings, but I really want an elder brother. I am fluent and comfortable with English, Bengali (my mother-tongue) and Hindi (the Indian national language). I have been learning German for the last three years and I recently made a very good German friend, Klaus. Thanks to him, my German's become much better :D

I also have a friend in France, so I've been picking up on some French, I know a lot of useless words and phrases in Japanese because of all the anime that I watch, and picked up quite a bit of the American sign language for fun XD

I love to write, obviously XD I write on a whim, I get a wisp of an idea and if it's good enough I start typing immediately and I always make up my chapters as I go, though I should probably start drawing up an outline first. I write on impulse, and I kind of like it, because that's just my flow.

Besides writing, I love music. I like singing, and I play the piano; I want to learn guitar and drums, but I have a feeling that ain't happening any time soon XD I'm not a huge fan of shopping, but I like the mall in general; I like riding around the city with my iPod, I love the street food and the lights, so I guess I love the city too. That said, I don't love mountains any less; I adore trips in the mountains.

I sketch a lot, like to swim, and there's a long list of all the things I like which range from malls to afternoon naps and hot chocolate, but I guess I should stop here :P Add British accents to the list too, and you pretty much know me.

Favourite bands and singers: Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, The Beatles, ABBA, Queen, Simon and Garfunkle, Daughtry, Coldplay, Poets of the Fall, One Direction, Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gilles, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Five Seconds of Summer and Ed Sheeran.

Obsession- Westlife and BSB! I'm so in love with them, especially Shane from Westlife. Their voices are like coming home to chocolate chips (and you know how good chocolate chips are.)

Favourite books: Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson series, Kane Chronicles series, Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games trilogy, The Divergent trilogy, Black Beauty, all books by Eva Ibbotson (especially Dragonfly Pool, it's a must-read for all you bookworms), The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones, Heroes of Olympus series (the last book was a big bummer) and The Book Thief.

Latest read- The Book Thief. It's a wonderful book, it's fresh and different and hats off to Markus Zusak for the brilliant way he writes in which he writes. It's unlike any other author I've read, and I suggest you try flipping a few pages of that book too.

Favorite animes: Fairy Tail, 07 GHOST, Maid Sama, K!ON, Kaze No Stigma, Hayate The Combat Butler, Special A, Chihayafuru, Sket Dance, Diabolik Lovers, Sword Art Online.

Obsession- Always and forever obsessed with Fairy Tail, and I haven't been watching much anime recently so no fresh obsessions with anime XD

The anime boys I have fallen hopelessly in love with it over the years:

Mikage Celestine, 07 GHOST: He is too kind and way too sweet and the best friend a person could have. Also, look at those eyes and that smile! Can you blame me?

Usui Takumi, Maid Sama: If you've watched this anime, and are not totally in love with Usui, then you'd better think long and hard about yourself. If you haven't, then you should totally watch it! It's worth it :D Ah Usui; a man of many talents, hotness included. Smoldering good looks anyone? ;)

Gray Fullbuster, Fairy Tail: The eyes. The hair. The abs. The smirk. 'Nuff said; go marry him already.

Rogue Cheney, Fairy Tail: Well *blush* he's rather cute, don't you think? Also, he's quiet and mysterious and that's why it's so great when he actually smiles. Me loves him XD

MOVING ON. (These guys don't even exist! *sob*)


Good friends on this site:

lucyglitter11- She's smart, brilliant, and she's pretty much as crazy as me. She's got super stories too, so go check them out!

SimplyIsabelleS- I've been friends with her for a long time now, and she's like the older sister I never had. She's so talented and so amazing, and her writing's stunning.

jleaw- My wonderful French friend whose fabulous all around :D She's a great friend, and one of the nicest people I know.

Then there are the authors I love and admire, but they're down there on my favorite authors' list, so go check them out too. :)

12 Random Facts About Me:

I fell asleep face first on my ice cream once.

I used to pretend I was a Power Ranger for a very long time.

To this day, I have not given up on the possibility of a Hogwarts letter arriving at my doorstep (wait, was that the postman?)

I am mortally terrified of spiders.

My favourite colours are silver, ice blue and grey-green.

I love carnations.

Somewhere in the corner of my heart, I still believe I might wake up with super powers one day.

My first story was about an old couple jumping in the well, and voila, the end.

I do not hate anyone, or anything. I dislike some things, obviously, but I don't hate. It's too strong an emotion, and I think everything's just so much better without it.

I truly believe that chocolate has healing properties.

I refer to the Delaware, Hudson and Potomac rivers as Tupperware, Harry, and Potter rivers respectively as I just remember them that way.

Honestly, I just love beanbags. Long live beanbags.

If you love something

Let it go

If it's meant to be

It'll come back

And if not

It was never yours

Stop waiting for Prince Charming

Get up and find him

The poor idiot must be

Stuck up in a tree or something

That awkward 'Oh sure, let's hug-No? Okay, handshake it is-Oh alright, let's just hug it out then-Ah okay, shaking hands, no problem' moment.

Every. Time.


I hate it when people see me at the supermarket, and they're like; "Hey, what are you doing here?"

And I'm just like; "Oh you know, hunting elephants."

That awkward moment when

Your favourite TV show ends

And you have no freaking idea

What to do with your life anymore

10 Random Facts About You:

1. You are reading this right now

2. You are realizing this is a stupid fact

4. You did not notice I skipped number 3

5. You are checking now

6. You are smiling

7. You are still reading this even though this is stupid

9. You did not notice I skipped number 8

10. You are checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again

11. You are finally enjoying this...

12. But you forgot that there are supposed to be only ten facts not twelve :D

"Dream big. And then dream bigger."

So, that's me then :) Feel free to PM me, or ask me anything, and do try reading some of my stories and drop in a review. I love you all :)

Love and chocolate chips,


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