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Brief Intro

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Favorite Pastimes: Writing, Hunting, World of Tanks, History Buff stuff

Favorite Historical Figures: Robert Wilcox, Erich Marcks, Erwin Rommel, George S. Patton, John Brown, Franz Stigler, Werner Hartenstein, Mahatma Gandhi

Favorite Anime: Zipang, So-Ra-No-Wo-To, Inuyasha, Girls und Panzer.

Favorite Movies: Kelley's Heroes, Patton, Forest Gump, All quiet on the Western front, the Misfit Brigade, Cross of Iron

Least favorite films: Red dawn, Piranha 3-D

Favorite Characters

Sango (Inuyasha) Always my favorite by far due to her characteristics and background story.

Maho Nishizumi (Girls und Panzer) My other top favorite because of her willingness to sacrifice for those that she cares for.

Erwin (Girls und Panzer) Probably the top character I would chose to have as a sibling or best friend.

Elsa (Frozen) My niece always insists that I'm with her whenever she watches a movie incase it contains a scene too scary for her (hey, she's two). And I rather like the older sister from frozen.

Gertrud Barkhorn (Strike Witches) One of my more recent favorites; the uptight, disciplined Karlsland with a soft spot for her younger sister. But really-really, the camera angles...? *facepalm

Seiko Shinohara (Corpes Party) Pretty much on the exact opposite end of the spectrum compared to the majority of the others on the list, Seiko is a very sociable person who speaks out everything that comes to mind, regardless of the topic or the situation. Yet another older sister in the family (I'm starting to sense a pattern here). I did become fairly upset over --*SPOILERS*--. But I still enjoyed it in the end.

I'm guessing I just have a thing for the overly protective older sibling characters in whatever I watch... Oh well.

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