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Avisian PM
Joined Mar '13

Hi, I'm Avisian.

I'm trans, and I'd prefer he/him pronouns if it's all the same.

I enjoy reading, sleeping, eating, and cuddling up under a blanket.

My goals in life include becoming a Lord, winning the lottery, and not dying before the age of 80.

I used to have other stories up, but they were surreal parodies that shouldn't have seen the light of day. Please do not bring them up in conversation.

Please note that I do not keep up with most of the stories I have in my favorites, as I've largely moved to ao3.


Teenage me was a lot better at updating, but also never planned ahead. Currently I'm working on a rewrite for my one piece fanfiction, and god knows when I'll get around to writing another chapter for my bnha one.

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