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Hello friends, welcome to my profile!

Besides watching KND and other cartoons to relive my childhood, I also enjoy animated adult shows as well, specifically BoJack Horseman, Bob's Burgers, and King of the Hill. And when I'm not rotting my brain from scrolling through tiktok all day long, I also enjoy reading, bike riding, spending time with friends, and obviously writing.

Fanfiction Descriptions:

Arctic Training: Fanny went to Arctic Base expecting to rip Patton a new one like always and leave mad as ever. Instead, she went to Arctic Base, ripped Patton a new one and left with new found feelings. Complete one-shot.

Happy Anniversary: Bartie and Virginia go on a date for their anniversary and then get kicked out for drawing on napkins. Complete one-shot.

Why Do You Drink Coffee?: Thirty-year-old Nigel Uno has a daughter who wants answers and a sip of his coffee. Complete one-shot.

Thirteen: A small glimpse into Rachel's last days as a Kids Next Door operative and Supreme Leader. Complete one-shot.

Most Likely to Succeed: Decommissioned Sector V and others take on high school and everything that comes with it; friendships, relationships parties, drugs, alcohol, puppy love, heartbreak, first times, fist fights, Twitter fights, acceptance and rejection letters, championships, and everything in between. In progress multi-chapter fic.

Stuff and Nonsense: 52 single sentence drabbles ranging from friendship, to love, to heartbreak, one for every week of 2019. Yikes. Did not finish that in 2019 and probably never will.

I am admittedly very bad at finishing things; books, movies, television series and of course fan fictions. However, they are very slowly, but surely coming together. So, bear with me and I'll try my best to get more stuff out! If you ever want to contact me, ever, for any reason at all, just pm me. Or you can follow me on Tumblr (numbuh-14) and message me on there for a quicker response. I enjoy chatting with other people about this kind of stuff, especially since it is relatively niche haha.

Peace out and happy reading!

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