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Ballad Rose PM
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Fantasy and poetry
Crime scenes and mysteries
Fangirling about animes,
My work is always pilling
Don't count on my ability to update - college is a selfish husband. But when I do, I give it my all. So please leave a comment. A detailed one would be preferable.

My weapons are descriptions, literary devices, conflicts/tension and poetry. And no, my poems don't's hard to make them rhyme so don't go telling me that my poems don't rhyme.

Despite watching so many animes, the only animes I can write about are Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Kuroshitsuji. I won't be reading mangas anything soon. In fact, I hate reading mangas on computers and hard copies are expensive. So manga readers beware? Cause I may just your worst nightmare.

Note :
Need comments for your story? Just pm me and I will do my best to leave a comment. The pain of waiting for comments is unbearable. Credit will be given and flaws are pointed out when needed.

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